My Donkey and the Master: A Short Story of Sanctified Imagination

J. L. Callison (Author)


When his father is killed in a construction accident, a young man is taken on as apprentice by the, as yet unmarried, Joseph of Nazareth. This begins a life-long association and friendship between the two men and old Jed, the young man's donkey. Share Joseph's excitement as he and his father meet with Heli to make the arrangements for his betrothal to Mary. Feel with him his angst while Mary is gone for three months visiting her cousin, and then agonize with him when he learns she is with child. Endure with him the yo-yoing of emotions as his pondering of his next step is interrupted by Gabriel's visit. Ride along to Bethlehem and then on the mad dash into Egypt to escape Herod. Join in the search for the missing child in Jerusalem. Eavesdrop on the conversations at the wedding in Cana and at the funeral of Lazarus. Meet old Jed's progeny, especially during the triumphal entry and then again at the crucifixion. Join the disciples in the upper room when Mary Magdela announces the tomb has been opened and Jesus' body isn't there. Follow along with Peter and John in the rush to the tomb, and be in the upper room when Cleopas and the other disciple run back at night to tell of their walk with Yahushuah on the road to Emmaus. Watch with wide eyes as Yahushuah appears in a locked room and eats fish and honey before you. Have you wondered how things really happened during those turbulent years in the first century? See the Scriptural story unfold through the eyes of a friend of the family who is present for all of the important events. Gain a better understanding of the complexities of the marriage arrangements and the stigma under which Joseph and Mary lived in order to fulfill what God required of them. All of this because of a donkey. Enjoy this fictional account of a true story from a perspective that is entertaining, yet accurate and true to history and the gospel, in all aspects.

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J.L. Callison
Publish Date
December 20, 2017
5.51 X 0.1 X 8.5 inches | 0.15 pounds
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About the Author

J.L. Callison was an early reader whose third-grade teacher encouraged his love of reading. He read over 300 books that year, including volumes A-H of the World Book Encyclopedia, and was reading on an eighth grade level by year's end. J.L. loves collecting books and has well over a thousand books in his library, many of which he has read more than once. Young Adult is his favorite genre, for as he says, he refuses to grow up. He studied for the ministry and for much of his adult life has served in lay capacities in prison and rescue missions, but his primary focus has been youth ministry. He has been a junior high youth sponsor and teacher for most of the last twenty-five years. He and his wife of 39 years live in Illinois. They have five grown children and are blessed with five grandchildren. He says he is proof that one does not have to be particularly smart to write. He actually failed English Composition the first time he took it, but his voracious reading developed in him the ability to tell stories. This storytelling style has been likened to the late Louis L'Amour, though he confesses he has far to go to reach the level L'Amour did with his stories. His goal in his writing is to demonstrate the winsome quality of Christianity without being pushy or preachy, to engender an interest in the reason for his faith while telling an engaging, entertaining tale.