McCutchen's Bones: A Pulpy Action Series from the Schism 8 World

David Mark Brown (Author)


Killing the bodies is easier than keeping 'em buried.

J.T. McCutchen, known as the Reefer Ranger or the Angel of Death, isn't used to doubt and regret. But when he's busted down From Texas Ranger to private security for an oil company in a muddy boomtown, he struggles to hold his life together via discipline and sheer will. McCutchen has built his life around two things: hating his father and everything being black and white.

When attempts on his father's life combine with a plague ravaging the Texas countryside, can he once more bury his past and do what needs to be done? With the fate of his only remaining family and his beloved state of Texas hanging in the balance he'll need to question everything he's ever believed to unravel the conspiracy behind the plague and bury the bones of his past, once and for all.

McCutchen's Bones draws upon spaghetti westerns of old as well as more recent influences such as Firefly, The Mandalorian and No Country for Old Men to create a haunting beauty framed by mud-encrusted gore. These episodic stories will take you back to the Saturday matinee serials of your youth (or before your time) without holding back on the over-the-top, killer action scenes that never stop coming.

Check out McCutchen's Bones, and all of the Lost DMB Files, for new pulp fiction tales that will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.


Some conspiracies remain theories. Others become obsessions. Exhumed 100 years after their penning, the Lost DMB Files will reinterpret the way you perceive the world...and possibly the way it perceives you.

Dime novelist and pulp fiction writer, David Mark Brown, mysteriously disappeared during the 1930s. Until recently, his obscure writings had all but been forgotten. Violent conspiracy theorists contend his fiction preserves a secret history, a history able to reclaim our future, if the war it unleashes doesn't destroy us in the process.

Ranging from steampunk westerns to campy horror, these lost files harken back to an age of dime-store novels and over-the-top stories full of anti-heroes, complex villains, nightmarish monsters, conspiracy theories, shootouts, and explosions.

"Sergio Leone would have killed to film Fistful of Reefer. Harry Turtledove would admire the way history has been skewed. Others will love the notion of the Lost DMB Files. The estimable Mr. Brown has really latched onto something here." Mike Resnick (The Godfather of Weird Western)


  • Start with either Lost DMB Files or The Green Ones.
  • Do not attempt reading Relic Hunters Before reading De Novo and The Green Ones.
  • Read Lost DMB Files before reading De Novo.
  • Feel free to read Rx Empire at any point...once it is published.

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Price: $13.99
Publisher: Fiction Vortex, Inc.
Published Date: March 12, 2020
Pages: 236
Dimensions: 5.51 X 0.54 X 8.27 inches | 0.65 pounds
Language: English
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781947655683
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About the Author

Raised in Central Texas, David Mark Brown learned to ride horses at a young age. Then learned to hate them after a disastrous attempt to impress a girlfriend. He was five. Turning instead to a life of poetry and prose he eventually migrated north to the University of Montana (the Berkeley of the Rockies) and became the Redneck Granola. Falling in love with a chainsaw wielding mountain woman forced him to reconsider his chosen career path--Hemingway on a sailboat. Instead he illuminated the path of life to college students as a spiritual guide for over a dozen years while his wife (now a pharmacist) squirreled away enough acorns for David to embrace the sultry world of commercial fiction. After legally snatching a little Vietnamese boy and creating another son via more natural means, the happy family settled in Idaho. David still rides horses, but only in black and never for fun.