Master Your Emotions: The New 5-Step System to End Anxiety, Defuse Anger and Defeat Depression & Negative Thinking



"This incredibly practical guide teaches specific tactics to use when your emotions get out of control. Plenty of examples are given to illustrate how the techniques work, and a generous dose of humor is thrown in to make this an enjoyable read. I highly recommend reading Detlef Beeker's Master Your Emotions!"
-John Weiler, Author, An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation

Discover How To Effectively Get Rid Of Negative Emotions And Live A Happier Life Without Therapy And Medication With This Ultimate Guide To Emotional Control.

In our fast-paced world of today with its technological advances and megacities, the human psyche is subjected to pressures of the likes which our ancestors have never before experienced. More people than ever are becoming prone to mental problems, due to stressful situations, and we haven't adapted to deal with it optimally and effectively.

Emotions that are allowed to run unchecked--anger, anxiety, depression and many other mental issues--can direct you into dark and dangerous places that may cost you everything, sometimes even your life.

In this comprehensive guide, Amazon bestselling author, Dr. Detlef Beeker condenses 20+ years of experience as a happiness researcher and anti-stress expert and hands you a powerful step-by-step blueprint you can use to obtain mastery over your feelings and emotions, allowing you to achieve your fullest potential.

Here's a snippet of what you're going to discover in this guide:

  • A brand new, field-tested concept based on 20 years of painstaking research that will help you bring your emotions under control

  • What "emotion prophylaxis" is and how you can use it to free yourself from strong negative emotions

  • The foolproof, 5-Step recipe for achieving inner peace

  • A dead-simple technique that modern psychotherapists and ancient Greek philosophers alike use to prevent negative feelings from arising in the first place

  • How to resolve stress, worries, and fears in seconds with a scientifically proven technique.

  • Special, extremely powerful Anti-Panic Breathing with which you are guaranteed to get panic under control.

  • New generations thought-stop techniques guaranteed to stop negative thought in their tracks

  • How to effectively use the revolutionary Sedona method to get rid of negative emotions. In seconds.

  • Little-known but deadly effective power tactics to eliminate depression

  • ...and much more.

Filled with deep insights and practical advice, Master Your Emotions is an indispensable guide with powerful

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Dr. Detlef Beeker
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May 28, 2019
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"Author Prof Dr. Def Beeker lends incredible insight into the ways to master your emotions before they master you. The strategies he introduces in the book are based on his 20+ years of experience in the field as both a teacher and action taker." Scott B. Allan

"This is an incredible resource! If you ever find yourself feeling frustrated or annoyed throughout your day, you should read through this book. It's short, easy to understand, and very helpful. No need to read the whole thing, every bit is helpful." Jake Gunnoe

"I have been using the ideas presented with great clarity and had immediate beneficial response. The way this book is written organises emotional responses and helpful strategies in excellent ways. This is a wonderful resource and I highly recommend this book." Sheila Volweider

"Powerful, easy to use and very effective.
It is fast and easy to read, full of practical exercises and great examples!
The author shares his own life experiences and those of others in an informative and often entertaining way.
This is truly a book to keep handy in your pocket - if not for yourself, then for someone else who may need it.
I love the tables recommending which exercise to use for which severity level of anxiety one is experiencing.
I will recommend this book far and wide! " Lou

" Most people live lives as prisoners of their emotions, believing they have no say in how they respond to particular people, circumstances or even life-changing events. We see plans and strategies for financial growth, educational growth, how to build a home and NOW there is a plan and strategy to manage our emotions in a healthy way! We don't have to live our lives as victims of poor emotional health when the strategies presented in this book can position us to live emotionally healthy and victorious lives.
Thank you, Dr. Beeker for this thorough and easy to understand strategy. "

" I am a medical doctor & voracious reader of this kind of work. I must appreciate the author for beautifully summarizing the leading scientifically proven techniques into a short concise book. Readers will find quick techniques to change from stressed and negative state to a positive and productive mindset. If you want a book which gives clear instructions of regaining positive emotions (without fluff) go for this little pearl. Useful for students, family situation & workplace performance enhancement. "

" So many books on this topic are so complicated and hard to digest, which only feeds the overwhelm of it all. This book left me feeling confident I could actually improve. " Lisa Kumar