Living Beyond: Making Sense of Near Death Experiences

Ivan Rudolph (Author)


What happens when we die? This is one of humankind's most important questions. "Living Beyond" brings a fresh and exciting perspective to this enduring question. Ivan Rudolph shares dramatic evidence supporting near-death experiences. This book is expertly written, remarkably easy to read, and enthusiastically recommended.

--Jeffrey Long, M.D., founder of the Near Death Experiences Research Foundation; author of the New York Times bestseller, "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences."

What are Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and how do they fit in with Christianity? For over 40 years, the author, Ivan Rudolph, has been conducting interviews, studying hundreds of accounts and now has clarity about this mysterious phenomenon. The truth is surprising, exciting, and ultimately relevant for everyone.

Did you know that there are at least 16 million Americans who have had an NDE, including celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Nikki Sixx, Burt Reynolds, and many others? Did you know that they are a part of a huge family of 350 million "returnees" alive today?

The problem is, many returness remain confused about their experience. They fear they will never feel normal again and seeking empathy seems impossible from loved ones that don't understand. This is not only a guide to help the confused, traumatised and, sometimes, depressed returnees incorporate their experiences successfull back into their relationships and life on earth. The thoroughly research text will help families and loved ones to provide support and understand what the returnee is going through.

"Very well presented, with substantial, solid evidence; well-explained point by point. From an Orthodox viewpoint its theology is sound." --Father John D'Alton, Orthodox Priest

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Bublish, Inc.
Publish Date
April 04, 2019
6.0 X 0.77 X 9.0 inches | 1.1 pounds

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About the Author

Ivan Rudolph is a highly qualified science teacher. He migrated from Africa to Australia with his family in 1986, where he taught science for many years. Ivan has published twelve books and his thirteenth title, Your Origins and Destiny, gave him the opportunity to delve into deeper universal truths and mysteries. To learn more, visit