Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam


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Da Capo Press
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6.0 X 8.9 X 1.1 inches | 1.0 pounds

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About the Author

Gregg Jones, journalist and Pulitzer Prize finalist, is the author of the highly acclaimed Honor in the Dust: Theodore Roosevelt, War in the Philippines, and the Rise and Fall of America's Imperial Dream. For thirty years he has been a foreign correspondent and investigative reporter, writing for the Los Angeles Times and other US and British newspapers. He lives in Addison, Texas.


"In Jones' recounting of the 77-day siege, we see the battle from the trenches and the bunkers mostly through the eyes of the grunts on the ground."--New York Post
undefined--Publishers Weekly
"A story worth remembering."--Kirkus

"A commanding history of the longest battle of the Vietnam War presents the questions that history cannot answer.... In Last Stand at Khe Sanh, Gregg Jones recounts the battle with the naked honesty of the combatants who told him their stories. He interviewed ninety men who fought at Khe Sanh and scoured all other sources-books, reports, official records, films, recorded testimony-to produce a commanding history, so detailed it reads in places like a novel...But Jones is a journalist (he was eight years old when the battle took place) and true to his calling: his own writing, as distinct from the men he quotes, is from beginning to end devoid of emotional language...His cool, matter-of-fact approach makes the horror of the battlefield searing."--Washington Independent Review of Books
"[Jones] skillfully draws the reader close to individual Marines at Khe Sanh...engrossing book...Jones, however, takes readers an important step further after Khe Sanh is saved and a moving epilogue, readers meet up again with several defenders and learn how their battle experiences shaped their lives moving forward."--Dallas Morning News
"Jones spins his tale so deftly and effectively that he draws you immediately into the battle-so much so that you become fully engaged...the result of Jones' efforts is a classic that echoes the passion of Erich Maria Remarque's World War I novel, All Quiet on the Western Front; Leon Uris' Battle Cry, a World War II classic; and the intensity of the 1992 book about the Vietnam War We Were Soldiers Once...and Young by Lieutenant General Harold G. Moore, US Army (Ret) and war journalist Joseph L Galloway."--Leatherneck Magazine
"[This book] falls into the very-good category."--The VVA Veteran / Vietnam Veterans of America
"A book panoramic in scope yet heart-wrenchingly personal....Jones, drawing extensively on interviews conducted with veterans of the battle, poignantly re-creates the miserable, subterranean hell in which the Marines fought and died...Last Stand at Khe Sahn is a tribute to those who served-and suffered-in the siege."--Vietnam Magazine
"Jones provides great insight into the men who fought and shed blood in the hallowed grounds surrounding Khe Sanh...An excellent book."--Collected Miscellany

"A paean to the Vietnam-era Marine Corps...Jones's gripping description of the vicious combat around Khe Sanh reminds Americans of what they require of their soldiers-men, women, straight, gay, transgender, et al.-in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, (and soon Korea?). Thus, it merits careful reading and serious reflection."--Michigan War Studies Review