Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect

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About the Author

David Kahn is the United States chief instructor for the Israeli Krav Maga Association. He has trained all branches of the US military in addition to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. David is certified by the State of New Jersey Police Training Commission. He has been featured in Men's Fitness, GQ, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, Penthouse, Fitness, Marine Corps News, and on Armed Forces Network and He is the author of five previous books and resides in Princeton, NJ.


"David Kahn was able to significantly improve the team members' force protection posture and lethality in the event of a life-threatening altercation. The training provided was a highly valuable complement to the team members' pre-existing abilities, as all [members] were able to develop and improve their skills in defense against unarmed attackers, attackers armed with knives or firearms, multiple attackers, and vehicular abduction tactics. Not only did David and Poodie have a wealth of knowledge applicable to a wide variety of unarmed combat scenarios; it was clear that they are continuously doing research and staying informed about emerging threats to US service members in the contemporary operating environment, studying trends and TTPs among potential adversary groups, and developing ways to counter these constantly evolving threats, within the framework of the krav maga system. I would highly recommend continuous future training programs with the IKMA (Gidon System) for all US service members deploying overseas as well as law enforcement officers working domestically in any environment in which they are exposed to the threat of violence."--Joshua W Curtis, MSG, RIARNG, United States Army 19th Special Forces Group Operations NCO
"On behalf of the 308 RQS and the USAF SERE community, I would like to thank you [David Kahn]. Your ability to instruct practical self-defense tactics and portray true hand-to-hand combat violence of action in realistic scenarios is one of the best I have seen. Your military specific "lethality" training is qualitatively unique and different from any other courses we have attended. I hope and look forward to working with you in the future, not only to improve my knowledge of combatives, but also to improve the whole Air Force Special Operations Community!"--Michael D McCune, SSgt, SERE Specialist, USAF
"Bottom line up front. David Kahn and his team are, by far, the best there is, and they teach the best version of the system there is. If you want to arm yourself with the best tools to survive any encounter (civilian, law enforcement, or military combat), David Kahn and the IKMA Gidon System are your best options. I always shop around for the best instructor with the most practical training. David and his team are undeniably the best. There are several different interpretations of krav maga systems available in the United States. Most of them teach substandard techniques. While krav maga is designed to be simple to understand, there still needs to be much emphasis on the subtle finer points that make a technique effective. David's books are extremely well articulated, spell out every detail of what you need to know from a strategic approach, including all the subtle nuances, which make a technique work."--Ronald D Groves, SFC, United States Army Military Police Lead Instructor, Law Enforcement Training Seminar (LETS)
"David Kahn's krav maga is fighting, brutal, flesh on flesh, and bone on bone. The counter-moves and techniques will take you to an elite level."--Aaron Donald, 2017 and 2018 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams
"David Kahn's krav maga gives [me] the ability to break the will of the guy across from me. That is what I'm all about and this [krav maga] will help you do just that!"--Khalil Mack, 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, NFL outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears
"This is the most brutal and violent hand fighting I've learned yet. David Kahn's krav maga is the secret weapon."--BJ Finney, NFL center for the Pittsburgh Steelers
"Israeli Krav Maga has helped me in a tremendous way to keep defenders off of me. David Kahn's techniques are designed for real combative fighting, but, these techniques really help me on the field."--Chris Hubbard, NFL tackle for the Cleveland Browns
"The Krav Maga for Law Enforcement was just remarkable. You and your staff were very attentive to details, and knew exactly what our department was looking for. Our instructors had so much good feedback to give. Almost all of the officers agreed that more officers on the street need training like this, and they were eager to engage in any additional training like this that we could provide them. I will definitely continue to use the tactics and techniques taught in your course in teaching officers in-service and recruits. I highly recommend your course to any law enforcement agency or organization that is willing update their training and give their officers the tools they need to protect themselves in use of force situations."--Lieutenant Jose Medina, Philadelphia Police Department, Recruit Training Unit and Reality Based Training Section
"When recommended by the Department of Justice to update our department's use of force training, I kept the fact in mind that suspects are training more and using tactics and techniques taught in mixed martial arts, cage fighting, and ground fighting against officers. I researched several options and found that all krav maga courses are not the same. The term is widely used and the concepts distorted. Mr. Kahn's background as a lawyer has given him a legal perspective. Mr. Kahn has created a Law Enforcement Krav Maga Course that supports the fundamental tactics that are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to teach using instinctive, reflex, body movements. Mr. Kahn was then able to elevate that philosophy as he developed a system that builds on a solid foundation of defensive tactics, giving the officers options when dealing with different types of attacks. Any law enforcement personnel that are forced to face these types of attacks will be better prepared to prevail in those situations by using force options that are appropriate and reasonable if trained properly. Mr. Kahn has given officers the necessary tools needed to properly defend themselves against this new form of street fighting. I highly recommend Mr. Kahn to any law enforcement agency or organization that is willing update their training and give their officers the tools they need to protect themselves in use of force situations."--Sgt. Alfredo Lopez, Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia Police Academy Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Section
"After training with David for 10 years, I now have students of my own. I have become even more dependent on David's teachings. My students have varied self-defense backgrounds, but marvel at the expedience and efficiency of krav maga."--David Rahn, US Army (retired)
"David Kahn masterfully demonstrates the effectiveness of Israeli Krav Maga in his outstanding book, Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect. Kahn's book is well written, thoroughly researched and is filled with numerous detailed photographs. Early on in a great section, his book expertly delves into the various legal ramifications of self-defense. The major focus of his book is on the practical and valuable selection of basic, intermediate, and advanced bodily weapons or combatives you can use against your opponent. His book describes in depth the combatives to use in self-defense, optimal areas to target on your opponent, and most importantly how to properly apply these combatives to achieve maximum effect. I like how he illustrates that Israeli Krav Maga capitalizes on the whole body for an array of devastating combative options, from upper body and lower body striking to grappling. I highly recommend this book for those who want to enhance their survival skills in self-defense situations."--Andrew Zerling, martial arts veteran, multi-award winning author of Sumo for Mixed Martial Art
"David Kahn is a prolific author of books and videos on the Israeli art of krav maga, and his newest book, Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect is not only a supplement and complement to his previous krav maga books and video instructional materials, but also an excellent stand-alone volume that distills krav maga's core combatives into easily digested and understood principles and techniques, and then explains how to apply them for maximum combative effect when forced to physically defend oneself. The unique teaching in this volume, that sets this book apart from many martial art books, is the foundation of principles, especially that of attacking an opponent as fast and hard as one can, in the most effective manner possible, while utilizing a continuous attack principle called retzev (or continuous combat motion). He not only illustrates and teaches principles along with effective combative techniques, but he also shows how to combine them in a continuous attack in order to be most effective. For any student of krav maga, combatives, or self-defense, this text deserves to be studied and applied to your training to obtain maximum effect when it comes to counterattacking and neutralizing physical threats against you or those you must protect."--Alain Burrese, J.D., author, 5th dan Hapkido, former army sniper