I Can See Peace

Julie D. Penshorn (Author) Jeanine-Jonee Keith (Illustrator)
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This award-winning, multicultural children's book won the Gold Medal in the "Health" category and is the Indie Human Relations Peace book of the Year (2018), surpassing adult's and children's books. It shows that even a child with arguing parents, severe illness, or in conflict with bully, can find ways back to peace and can restore mental health.

In situations where peace could be hard to find, children learn to seek peace using mindful breathing, meditation, conflict resolution and more. Realistic scenarios help children believe that peace can be found if they seek it.

This book is a profound visual and inspirational journey for children. Jeanine-Jonee Keith has drawn children of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds appreciating the planet's wonderful beauty, even when they are surrounded by poverty, personal challenges, or interpersonal conflict. The book merits many readings, as the pictures say much more than the words alone.

Children learn that peace is all around them and can be found in some unexpected places. Sometimes it can be difficult to see peace, but even when it is interrupted, "I have the power and the wisdom to seek the tools to solve things peacefully."

When strong emotions hit us like lightning bolts, it can be very frightening. This book shows children in traumatic situations others can relate to, learning to deal with their strong emotions and get back to peace.

The included parent and teacher guide helps adults and children gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. The music notation for the "I Smile at Myself" song is included.

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$19.95  $18.35
Growing Communities for Peace
Publish Date
September 21, 2018
8.5 X 0.25 X 11.02 inches | 0.9 pounds

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About the Author

Winner of the Human Relations Indie Peace Book of the Year, with "I Can See Peace," and the Family Human Relations Children's Book Gold Award with "The Barnyard Buddies STOP for Peace," Julie Penshorn partners with artist Jeanine-jonee (Jorry Keith) to create irresistible characters around peace and its challenges. For details use this link. http: //humanrelationsindiebookawards.com/results.php, Visit https: //www.smarttoolsforlife.com, for free, downloadable resources. Penshorn's children's books all hold Readers Favorite 5-star reviews. https: //readersfavorite.com/rfreviews/search?search=Julie+Penshorn Even the complex topics of immigration and refugees, conflict resolution and anger management, seeing peace, and other social and emotional skills are easily understood by young children when delivered in stories and songs that encourage youngsters to use their imaginations to readily memorize and internalize the skills so they become their new normal.
Co-authors, and co-directors of Growing Communities for Peace, Rebecca Janke, M.Ed and Julie Penshorn, MBC, are thought leaders within the children's peace education field. They have had a fascinating journey, beginning with a focus on conflict resolution skills education, complete with hands-on-learning tools, and now introducing children's books and music along with a blog-based approach to the creation of a culture of peace. The ChildrensPeaceEducationCompany.com online learning site provides selected original and curated resources in the areas of peacemaking, peacebuilding and peacekeeping, the three pillars for growing a culture of peace. The primary focus of Children's Peace Education Company is writing young children's stories through the inspiration of advanced peace education topics usually reserved for adults. This allows children to get an early start, when these concepts and ways of thinking can become part of who they are. In addition, the site provides material focused on parenting matters, pedagogic excellence, art of dialogue, curriculum infusion techniques, and examples of peace of in action. It began in 1990, when Rebecca was the owner and director of a private Montessori PreK-3rd grade school that became uniquely known in the region of Western Wisconsin for its specialty in peace education. Inspired by Gandhi and Montessori who believed that if we are to have real peace in the world we must begin with children, she trained her staff of 10 to infuse peace education principles into existing curriculum. Rebecca has continued as a peace educator since then in many capacities including as the President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers and a thought leader and valued contributor as a mentor for teachers.


"I can only imagine a world where everyone has been taught the principles of inner peace and peacemaking contained in 'I Can See Peace'. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, activity coaches. . . Get this book into the hands of the children you influence! Peace education is the ONLY way the world will ever know real peace and it all starts with teaching our children! Kudos to you Julie, for leading the way with books and music the children of the world need to devour!" Rick Beneteau co-founder 10 Million Clicks for Peace.

"We loved her first book and the charming companion music, and now we are pleased to be able to heartily endorse this work! We are participating with Smart Tools for Life in bringing it to our Peace Sites and others. World Citizen (http: //www.worldcitizen.org) has five peace actions. One is "Seek peace within yourself and others." What better way to start developing this habit than with the children? Lonnie Strand, Peace Education Coordinator, World Citizen