How don't matter: A sheep in wolves clothing

Sean Ryan Kincaid (Author) Dante Webster (Photographer)


Thanks for tuning in. Nobody can see the future. Let's start here because you have no clue what's coming next. First and foremost, I have no authority to write a book. This is precisely the reason that I'm writing. Honestly, both rooms in my parents' house that I occupy (not rent, I don't pay shit) are completely a mess. Want to change the world? Start by writing a book. If nobody can see the future, why is it that you are certain that the path you're on is correct? Are you a student? Entrepreneur? Avid reader? Avid Pro Tools user? What makes you think that your plan is going to work out? What makes you think that the guy living under the bridge didn't have a plan too? Was he confident in it? What happens when life happens? Well, life happens. First rule: Pray. Start there. Second rule: Get moving. How don't matter is a concept that I've been working on for about a week now. That means I'm more of an expert on it than you. But actually, it's a concept that only few are familiar with, and those that are familiar, I have never heard articulate it. Now it's been articulated. I can't make another sales call, I can't run another sprint, I can't eat (just kidding), I can't fucking clean my room until I get this book out. I'm an author. I'm going to write a best-selling book. I'm going to play in the NFL for the New England Patriots during Tom's last season. I'm going to visit my buddy Kyle in Hawaii this year. I'm going to build an addition to Rancho Ebenezer in August, an orphanage in Honduras run by World Gospel Outreach. That super cute girl on Liberty's hockey team, Hope, is going to do more than give me a silly painting. She's going to give me two. David is going to own a plane. Rex is going to be the dopest affiliate marketer/travel vlogger of 2020. I'm just spitting these fire dreams out here so you guys don't act like you don't know wassup. I'm adopting 15 kids. I'm dropping 10 albums. Dwight Spencer is going to be on all my jazz tracks. Dr. Anderson & Paris Jones' non-profits are going to inspire millions. Inky Johnson is going to speak at my wedding. I'm going to use my platform to preach forgiveness. This is a book about perseverance. Perseverance can't be taught. It's not a feeling. It's mundane. It's stupid. It's never going to work. It's going to get you in a lot more trouble than it's worth. It's going to reveal things to you, about you that you'll forever wish you didn't know because, there's not a damn thing you can do to change them. Perseverance is something that you do. It's a verb. And for you grammatical nincompoops, it's a noun. But for the rest of us, perseverance is another word you can just memorize like Scripture so you can recite it without doing a damn thing to live it out. This is going to be a best-selling book, and some of you may change, post a bunch of stories on IG about how you're following this principle or that principle, but at the end of a few weeks, or when you don't see results, you'll just fizzle out and listen to the voices inside of your head telling you that you can't, you won't, you're not worth "_____." I'm not even going to tell you not to believe that voice. That's dumb. It's your voice. You can't hear mine right now, and if you think you can, it's some modified version of mine that's really yours. It's your perception of my voice. It's wrong. It isn't the whole story. The whole story is in your head, sweetheart. So, go ahead and listen to your voice. Whatever it tells you is true, even if it's a lie. Because even those lies will manifest if you believe them, because those lies you tell yourself, you'll act on, act out, and eventually, bear the fruit of your voice which will either be consumed or spoil out into the world, leaving behind only seeds, which will fall where they may, or spread where you plant. Too metaphorical? Go read the Bible.

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Independently Published
Publish Date
April 30, 2019
6.0 X 0.18 X 9.0 inches | 0.27 pounds
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