Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (Second Edition, Second)

James Tiptree (Author)

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$17.95  $16.51
Publish Date
November 01, 2004

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About the Author

James Tiptree, Jr., was born Alice Bradley in 1915 in Chicago, Illinois. When she began writing science fiction in 1968, she used a pseudonym to maintain her privacy. Alice Bradley Sheldon became the reclusive, enigmatic genius James Tiptree, Jr. His adventures and writing--gleaned from the details of Sheldon's life--were convincingly masculine; when Sheldon finally revealed herself, her ruse was met with both surprise and delight. In 2006, interest in Tiptree's life and work were rekindled with the publication of Julie Phillips's definitive biography James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Washington State Book Award, and a Hugo Award.


Praise for Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

"There is just one great collection of Tiptree's fiction in print...Her Smoke Rose Up Forever from Tachyon Publications. It contains all of her major short stories."
--New York Times Book Review

"You need to read James Tiptree, Jr. If you've never read her, and you've any interest in SF, you need to rectify that anomaly. But even if, like me, you have read her, perhaps a while ago, you need to reread her. Tachyon's handsomely produced catch-all collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever is the perfect place to begin: a lovely piece of book production, from its attractive John Picacio cover art through each of its eighteen indispensable stories printed across well-laid-out pages. It's a beaut, and you need to read it. Or to reread it."
--Strange Horizons

"Her Smoke Rose Up Forever showcases what are undoubtedly the best of Tiptree's stories."
--SF Site

"The stories of Alice Sheldon, who wrote as James Tiptree, Jr. (Up the Walls of the World) until her death in 1987, have been heretofore available mostly in out-of-print collections. Thus the 18 accomplished stories here will be welcomed by new readers and old fans. 'The Screwfly Solution' describes a chilling, elegant answer to the population problem. In 'Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death, ' the title tells the tale--species survival ensured by imprinted drives--but the story's force is in its exquisite, lyrical prose and its suggestion that personal uniqueness is possible even within biological imperatives. 'The Girl Who Was Plugged In' is a future boy-meets-girl story with a twist unexpected by the players. 'The Women Men Don't See' displays Tiptree's keen insight and ability to depict singularity within the ordinary. In the Hugo and Nebula award-winning 'Houston, Houston, Do You Read?' astronauts flying by the sun slip forward 500 years and encounter a culture that successfully questions gender roles in ours."
--Publishers Weekly

"One of the first hardbacks I ever bought and still one of my most read."

"I can't recommend this book enough, and we are so lucky to have had Tiptree in our genre."