Norm Harper (Author)

Product Details

Oni Press
Publish Date
March 19, 2019
5.9 X 8.9 X 0.6 inches | 0.95 pounds

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FOREWORD -- Traditional superstitions are the inspiration for a rich, fully imagined fantasy world in the graphic novel Haphaven. Alex, a girl who's about to turn thirteen, is captive to her superstitions. From the stories of her long dead great-great-grandfather searching for a real "Lady Luck" to the baseball bat her father engraved with various "lucky" symbols, her life is dominated by her belief in specific behaviors that can bring about-or stave off- improbable events. Prompted by her mother to abandon her superstitions, Alex steps on a sidewalk crack, which immediately sends her mother to the hospital with a broken back. Seeking salvation for her mother, Alex meets a leprechaun and embarks on a magical adventure to the world of Haphaven, where Earth's superstitions draw their power from. There, she encounters a talking black cat and a talking white rabbit and discovers the truth behind her family legends. Superstitions, less commonly mined than the fairy tales that form the foundation of so many modern fantasies, offer a well-established starting point for Haphaven. Elements such as throwing salt over one's shoulder and the luck of a rabbit's foot are combined and embellished in interesting ways, while Alex, a memorable character faced with several surprisingly stark moral dilemmas throughout the story, makes Haphaven much more than a mere checklist of superstitions. The book's art is an appealing mix of realism and cartoony exaggeration. A fast-moving tale with a satisfying conclusion, Haphaven is sure to please fans of unique fantasies.