Fed Up with the Fanny

Franklin White (Author)


From Franklin White, an eye-opening voice with blazing talent, comes "Fed Up with the Fanny, " the story of Kahlil Richardson, a man with a great job who's socially responsible,
devoted to family and friends, and, best of all, he's "fine!"
There's just one problem . . . the women in his life:

Cece, Kahlil's true love, is ready to commit her life to her man, but when Kelly, Cece's best friend, misrepresents Kahlil's good intentions, a wedge is driven between the once-happy couple. Ultimately Cece must uncover the truth as she tries to keep Kelly from going through with her (Special K) plan.

Leandra, Kahlil's sister, is forever dumping problems on him. She's spent her life manipulating those who care for her— including Sid, her troubled teenage son, and his father, whom she's kept hidden from everyone. Events spiral out of control within the family after Sid chooses to give his "friends" and their thug-life organization a chance instead of continuing to work at what he sees as a dead-end job.

Sonje, Kahlil's colleague and former lover, is hell-bent on advancing her career in the world of daytime talk shows. She presents Kahlil and his hardworking community organization a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to display their accomplishments on national television, but when the tape starts to roll it's clear that Sonje has other motives.

Dewayna, Kahlil's close friend, is trying hard to raise her young son after Demitrious, her husband and the father of their child, deserts her without explanation. At Dewayna's request Kahlil tracks Demitrious down and tries to help his friends rebuild the joy they once shared. But to everyone's surprise an unexpected relationshipevolves, teaching Dewayna that love isn't always a two-way street.

A captivating tale driven by strong characters who aren't afraid to speak their minds, "Fed Up with the Fanny" is a novel for every woman who's yearned for men to communicate more, and for every man who's felt blamed for the divide between the sexes. We may think that the choices we face in life are ours alone to make, but Franklin White shows with compassion how those choices affect not only us, but our loved ones as well.

Product Details

Simon & Schuster
Publish Date
January 22, 1999
5.28 X 0.66 X 8.07 inches | 0.73 pounds
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About the Author

Franklin White is an Australian-born Canadian who has lived and worked in numerous countries with a focus on international and global development. Based on this work and related research, he is an acknowledged author in the health sciences. In Miner with a Heart of Gold, he diverges from this stream to address the life of his late father, a mineral science and engineering educator. As Frank White's son, he grew up talking geology, geography, minerals and metals over the dinner table. Before entering medicine, he worked summers in the mining industry, and has followed its evolution over decades including its current challenges with social and environmental sustainability. Relevant to these challenges, a significant amount of his medical and public health career has addressed environmental and occupational health issues. For his professional work, he is the recipient of a Breakthrough Award for Creativity from the Academy for Educational Development, and a Medal of Honor from the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization regional office for the Americas. He lives in Victoria BC where his interests include offshore sailing and flamenco-jazz guitar....


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