Fat Fast Cookbook 2: 50 More Low-Carb High-Fat Recipes to Induce Deep Ketosis, Tame Your Appetite, Cause Crazy-Fast Weight Loss, Improve Me

Dana Carpender (Author) Andrew Dimino (Author)
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The NEW Fat Fast Cookbook 2 has 50 More-Even Better-Low-Carb High-Fat Ketogenic Recipes to Jump-Start Your Low-Carb Fat Burning!

Bestselling Low-Carb Expert & Author of Fat Fast Cookbook Dana Carpender introduces some new secret ingredients to quickly get you into Nutritional Ketosis & kick start your stalled weight loss. This companion to the first Fat Fast Cookbook has 50 more Low-Carb High-Fat Ketogenic recipes to propel you into deep ketosis. Learn how ingredients like shirataki noodles, Miracle Rice & MCT oil can help you on a successful Fat Fast.

  • Has your Low-Carb weight loss stalled even if you're strictly following the Atkins Diet?
  • Do you find that no matter what you do, your weight is slowly creeping back up a little at a time?
  • Are you looking for new, delicious, easy-to-make ways to add more healthy fat to your low carb diet?
  • Do you already have the Fat Fast Cookbook but want even more Low-Carb High-Fat recipes that your whole family will love?

If you're ready to start again, we've got your solution.

Foreword by Jacqueline A. Eberstein, RN
Includes a Foreword & detailed explanation of the Fat Fast science by Jacqueline A. Eberstein, RN-Dr. Atkins' own clinical nurse. She's been administering the Fat Fast to her patients for decades! Jacqueline has seen first hand how the Fat Fast works to get her stalled patients back into Nutritional Ketosis.

All Diets Stall. Here's The Fix!
The Fat Fast is the fastest way to lose stubborn fat-while maintaining muscle mass! The Fat Fast-1,000 calories per day, 90% from pure fat-resulted in average fat loss-not just weight loss, but fat loss-of over a pound per day! It's a radical, short-term strategy, but boy, does it work. First clinically proven in the 1950s, the Fat Fast was recommended by Dr. Robert Atkins to help metabolically resistant low carb dieters who hit a low-carb weight loss stall & need to drive their bodies back into Nutritional Ketosis.

Restart Your Weight Loss With Nutritional Ketosis
Nutritional Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body is burning only fat & their by-product, ketones, for energy. Combine that with caloric restriction & your body starts to incinerate its own stored fat for fuel. If you've gone off your low carb plan, the Fat Fast is the fastest way to get back in the game. If you're metabolically resistant to weight loss, it's the most reliable way to break through & start losing.

Too Much Protein & Too Little Fat Can Stall Weight Loss
Despite the common term "high protein diet," research shows that the body can turn excess protein into glucose. Stop thinking "Low Carb/High Protein," & start thinking "Low Carb/High Fat." By replacing most protein with fat you trigger deep Nutritional Ketosis, jump-starting your stalled weight loss.

Even More Science Behind the Fat Fast
Dana Carpender & Jacqueline A. Eberstein, RN explain the history & science of the Fat Fast, why & how it works & how you can harness its power in your low-carb lifestyle. Learn the secrets to the foods that will help your body burn more fat with Fat Fast ingredients like shirataki noodles, full-fat coconut milk, MCT oil, etc. We include a list of these easy-to-find foods & ingredients you'll need for your Fat Fast recipes.

You'll love these Quick & Easy-to-Prepare recipes
  • Dana's Fat Fast Chili
  • Fat Fast Fried "Rice"
  • Buffalo Chicken Soup
  • Artichoke & Mushroom "Risotto"
  • Mac 'n' Nacho Cheese
  • Avocado-Bacon Soup
  • Lime Vanilla Fat Bombs
  • Salted Caramel Mocha Keto Coffee
  • Tropical Cooler
  • "Tapioca" Pudding
Other Uses For Fat Fast Cookbook 2
These recipes are not just for Fat Fasting! If you're on a ketogenic diet for weight loss, sports performance, seizure control, cancer therapy, or just because it makes you feel good.

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December 09, 2016
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About the Author

Dana Carpender
A pioneer of the low carb frontier, best-selling author Dana Carpender went low carb in 1995, after whole-grain-and-beaning her way up to a size 20. Immediate weight loss and sky-rocketing energy told her this was what her body had been waiting for her to do, that she had set her foot on a path from which there was no return. However, it rapidly became clear that to set this way for life, she-and others-needed the answer to one simple question: What's for dinner? The answer will be found in her cookbooks, twenty of them so far, encompassing over 2,500 recipes. Dana has been fighting the low-fat lie since 1998 at HoldTheToast.com. She lives in Indiana with three dogs, a cat, a backyard full of chickens-and, of course, That Nice Boy She Married, with whom she shares much bacon on a pleasant Sunday morning.

Andrew S. DiMino
Andrew DiMino spent most of his life sickly, overweight, and wondering if he could ever lose the excess pounds. He started a new diet every week-usually based on a low-calorie, low-fat diet-with no lasting results. All he had ever heard about were high carbohydrate, calorie counting diets that the medical profession was so fond of. But, they never worked and he usually gained more weight. In 1998 he learned he was a type-2 diabetic and instead of eating the foods his doctor told him to eat, he read Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution. It changed his life. He lost 50 pounds in 4 months, controlled his diabetes and stopped worrying about calories, grams of fat, or major exercise programs that just made him hungrier. He started CarbSmart.com and sold thousands of Low-Carb and Gluten-Free products until 2012 when CarbSmart dropped all the foods and evolved into an online magazine. Now CarbSmart's mission is to help those who want to change their life with a Low-Carb lifestyle. They accomplish it by publishing the best recipes that Dana Carpender and the CarbSmart team can devise.