Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance

Laurie Weiss (Author) Willem Lammers (Author)


Are You Sabotaging Your Own Prosperity?

When your own limiting beliefs about money keep you from using the information and resources you already have, you never feel financially secure.

  • Dissolve beliefs that interfere with your financial effectiveness
  • Reclaim energy you waste worrying about money and not doing anything about it
  • Start using the information about creating wealth that you already have
  • Confidently make financial decisions that support your highest priorities
  • Uncover and enjoy what truly gives you pleasure

You deserve the joy and satisfaction of knowing you're creating your own financial security!

Discover and use the three magic Logosynthesis sentences that have opened these doors for thousands of individuals around the world.

"Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance reveals the savvy secrets of eliminating blocks to financial success with just a few words. Brilliant!" Dame Doria Cordova, Owner/CEO of Money & You(R) / Excellerated Business Schools(R)

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Empowerment Systems
Publish Date
February 11, 2020
5.0 X 0.4 X 7.0 inches | 0.37 pounds

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About the Author

Dr. Laurie Weiss has been changing the lives of women and men for nearly 50 years. She is an internationally known psychotherapist and author of 13 books. After over 40 years practicing psychotherapy and coaching, Dr. Laurie Weiss had no intention of starting a new phase of her career. Then a colleague helped her resolve a persistent, stressful problem using an amazing new technique. She was astounded that he did it in just a few minutes, while standing on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant, using only words. Dr. Weiss was so intrigued with this recently discovered tool that she and her husband of over fifty years, Dr. Jonathan B. Weiss, went to Nova Scotia, Canada to learn the technique. Using it, they were thrilled to help their clients make important life changes in a fraction of the time, and with a fraction of the pain ordinarily associated with psychotherapy. Now, ten years later, she is a Certified Logosynthesis Trainer and Master Practitioner and the author of a popular introductory Logosynthesis book. She is delighted to have collaborated with Dr. Lammers, the developer of this powerful method, on this project. Dr. Weiss has long believed that ordinary people can learn to help themselves solve all kinds of problems if only they have the right tools. Throughout her professional life as an expert in Business and Personal Relationship Communication, Developmentally Based Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis, she has specialized in making those tools accessible to anyone who is interested. She brings to this, her thirteenth book, her expertise in writing in a way that makes complex professional information usable by ordinary people. She and her husband live and work in Littleton, Colorado, USA.
Dr. Willem Lammers, Swiss/Dutch psychologist and Developer of Logosynthesis(R), is a pioneer and teacher within the body/mind/spirit community and author of 8 books. Dr. Lammers is a psychotherapist, coach and consultant to organizations with 40+ years of experience in the field. Trained in Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and different modalities of energy psychology, he has held positions at a university and in a hospital and founded his own institute. He has trained professionals in psychotherapy, coaching, supervision and organizational development. While searching for a more elegant, effective and direct way to guide people through their pain and into their development, he became increasingly aware that we are more than our physical body and our mind. In 2005 he discovered Logosynthesis(R) and now trains professionals in this new, simple but effective model for self-coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. In 2014, Willem co-founded the Logosynthesis International Association, which is now responsible for certifying professionals in Logosynthesis as both practitioners and trainers of this rapidly spreading, elegant model. In 2018, Dr. Lammers received the prestigious ACEP Award for his major contribution to the field of energy psychology. He publishes books and articles in German, Italian, Dutch, Serbian and English. This is his eighth book. He lives in Maienfeld GR, Switzerland and trains and consults with professionals around the world.


As a seasoned wealth advisor, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Embrace Prosperity as a book that clearly illustrates many of the real-life experiences around money that I have seen my clients face. The author's recognition of these issues, with follow up guidelines on how to address, delivers to the reader some practical guidance around the very important subjects of wealth management.
Mark J. Smith, CPA/PFS, CFP, CIMA Principal, M.J. Smith and Associate (US), Forbes Top 250 Wealth Advisors 2019

Embrace Prosperity provides the easiest way to move from money worries to money freedom. It's for those for whom lack of money is a daily, ongoing anxiety. And it's for those who only worry about money occasionally, perhaps at the end of the month when the bills are due. The key lies with just the few words of the Logosynthesis process. Dr. Laurie Weiss, a certified Logosynthesis practitioner and Dr. Willem Lammers, who created the process, have written a book that explains money. It offers tools to help readers understand their own beliefs and habits around money: the energy of money, how we get into money traps, and how to get out of them. The book is full of engaging case studies plus valuable check lists, worksheets, and directions for using Logosynthesis by harnessing the power of a few words. I've read dozens of money books: Embrace Prosperity is the top of my list.
MaryJo Wagner, PhD, (US) Author, Finding My Hero

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Embrace Prosperity as Laurie Weiss and Willem Lammers team up to demonstrate an innovative approach to wellness--Logosynthesis(R). Highlighting their separate stories about how they were able to shift from feelings of scarcity to feelings of abundance allowed me to recognize habitual patterns in my life that no longer serve me. I was trained to set goals to measure my progress towards abundance and when I achieved my goal, there was always a new measure. As Laurie and Willem highlight, abundance is more than something to measure. It is a feeling. As a practitioner in Logosynthesis(R), I have come to appreciate the power in working with this simple yet powerful technique to allow me and others to enjoy life more fully.
Cathy Caswell, Logosynthesis Practitioner (Canada) Author, Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully

As a Core Coach, I found this book a powerful lantern: Hold it up in front of your eyes, and it will help you see where you are blocked on the path of abundance. With stories, testimonies, and thought-provoking exercises, Laurie and Willem invite you to heal your relationship with money while navigating through your core issues in a simple and easy way. Get ready to shift your mindset at its core in a snap. Alan Rojas, Coach, CEO, Self (Peru)

If you really want to change your relationship with abundance this is THE BOOK. It helps you to deepen in a clear and simple way the theme of the scripts of life and to flush out the themes that condition you. It helps you to deepen. You can do the exercises as you read or take your time slowly. A book that becomes a traveling companion to abundance! Super recommended!
Virna Trivellato, Logosynthesis Practitioner, Energy Coach (Italy)

Embrace Prosperity: Resolve Blocks to Experiencing Abundance is a book that has inspired me to look at any abundance issues in an entirely different manner. I find myself asking the question, what is in the way energetically and blocking my abundance? A wonderful easy and quick read that has potential for great returns.
Judy Sabah, MCC, Coach, Speaker, Author (US)