Digestive Intelligence: A Holistic View of Your Second Brain


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About the Author

Dr. Irina Matveikova is licensed in Medicine, Endocrinology and Clinical Nutrition by the University of Minsk (Belarus). She is also a certified expert in Eating Disorders Behaviour. She is the author of numerous articles concerning digestive health and nutrition in well-respected international medical journals and magazines and has also written a dictionary of medicinal plants (in five languages).


The work of professionals like Dr Matveikova is essential... showing us what we have chosen to ignore and encouraging us to embark on a healthier lifestyle leading to a real sensation of wellbeing and vital hygiene.-- "Joana Bonet, Marie Claire, Spain"
I highly recommend Dr Irina Matveikova as a prominent expert in all aspects of nutrition, beauty and health. I count her among the top and most serious international experts in the field of nutrition.-- "Irene San Segundo, Glamour"
Irina's treatment is progressive, logical, easy to understand and naturally-based but it requires the patient to put in the same spark of optimism and confidence that Dr Matveikova gives out. Through my experience with Irina, I have been able to reach a better level of aligning my mental and physical energy levels. As Hippocrates advised us (back in 460 A. C.) "your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food." Dr Irina is wise and pays attention to the classics in her field and, therefore, many of us are now benefitting from her extraordinary knowledge.-- "JosΓ© Antonio Zarzalejos, journalist and lawyer; ex-director of El Correo and ABC newspapers in"
Based in Madrid, Matveikova is a family medicine physician who specializes in endocrinology and clinical nutrition, with expertise in eating disorders. Here, she takes readers on a tour of the digestive sys- tem, emphasizing that the intestine (or gut) acts as a "second brain" that produces neurotransmitters and hormones. According to the author, the two brains "engage, talk, sabotage, or reinforce each other," and emotions often manifest as digestive disorders. In detailed and accessible fashion, Matveikova covers the stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, and gallbladder, addressing topics such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastro esophageal reflex disease (GERD). Matveikova favors a holistic, integrative approach, viewing allopathic treatments combined with complementary modalities as "the medicine of the future." A proponent of colonic hydro-therapy, she discusses the procedure and its benefits. She includes historical tidbits, as well as anecdotes from her life and practice to give character to a potentially dull subject. Readers may find that the author's enthusiasm for her topic is contagious.-- "Publishers Weekly"
Did you know there is a direct connection between the brain in your head and the one in your gut? ...A traditionally trained medical physician, Dr Matveikova embraces complimentary forms of medicine and has found that our digestive system operates as a second brain. The book explores this concept and gives readers help in identifying and resolving digestive problems. Clear and concise, this book could help with whatever stomach ailments might be operating in your life.-- "Inner Spirit Journal"
The thesis and basis of this book by Irina Matveikova, MD, is that our brains and the digestive system are connected. That's a simple fact but the consequences explored here are both revealing and most helpful. The connection is made by neurons in the brain which both respond to and influence the digestive system. The relationship is holistic and the author, from this standpoint, gives explanations and practical advice on digestive issues.-- "Bill Anderton, Pilgrims"
Matveikova opens our eyes to the idea that when we say, 'I've got a gut feeling about that...' we are really talking about an essential intelligence that our digestive system plays a part in. Great read for those seeking a better understanding of how the mind/body works and its role in things like irritable bowel, Crohn's Disease and more.-- "Brad Olsen, Heartland Healing"