Daily Armor: Truth and Prayers: A One-Year Devotional of Daily Bible Scriptures and Spirit-Led Prayers

Jolie Vogliardo (Author)

Product Details

Advantage Inspirational
Publish Date
September 13, 2018
6.0 X 9.0 X 0.49 inches | 0.7 pounds

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"Jolie's Scriptures and prayers that she has written to the Father on my behalf has caused my heart and soul to grow closer to Him. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit always fits with what is going on in my life right at the time I read it." -Suzette Svensen

"Jolie's verses and prayers are sometimes exactly what's needed as if God Himself were speaking to me. For example, one day she spoke of idols, while I was struggling with video games on my phone. I was somehow searching to fill a loneliness, an emptiness. And then she reminded me that, all the while, He's the only one who can fill that. Thank you!" -Loretta Williams

"I have known Jolie for over 15 years as a friend whose powerful prayers have lifted me up in tough times. Jolie has always had a special gift in delivering God's message through encouraging words. Every morning when I get her Scripture reading and key message, I'm able to apply it to my daily life as it truly speaks to my spirit. I recommend Jolie's daily devotionals to anyone regardless of whether you're a new Christian or have been walking with God your entire life - as it will refresh your spirit and actually challenge you to stay on God's path. Her prayers have been so powerful and such an amazing blessing in my life." -Shadi Rafat-Brisack

"Each daily Scripture and prayer is such an encouragement as we face the challenges of life. Jolie reminds us of God's truths through the Scriptures and shines a light into the darkness of the world as she prays." -Ali Winters, A Watchman on the Wall

"Jolie's daily Bible verse and prayer have been great because she helps me better understand Scripture. This is my first time reading the Bible, and Jolie's messages help open my eyes to see other meanings that went completely over my head. I feel like God is really using Jolie to break down what the Scripture is really getting at. Even if I'm low on time, I can dedicate just a few minutes to the Lord by reading her daily verse/prayer. I get to pray along with her, in her prayers and learn along the way - as it opens my eyes more with Scripture and puts it in perspective in my own life. Thank you, Jolie, for doing God's work." -Julia Dublino

"It doesn't matter when the devotional was written, God has a way of making it relevant for your very need that particular day. Time and again, I have seen God use Jolie's selection of the day to speak to a personal need or be just the Word I am to share with someone in need in my life. El Shaddai truly uses His Word today to nourish the soul. -Rachel Perl, Hebrew Christian Witness

"I read aloud Jolie's message for today. Like so many of them, it was written for exactly where I was when I read it. As I read, praying and declaring along with her, I felt the Presence of Holy Spirit return. He grew stronger in me, lifting away my spiritual burdens one by one as I prayed through her prayer. HalleluYah! I am grateful that my dear sister has shared these daily gifts of love from our Almighty God!" -Debra Walker

"I thank God for Jolie's daily Bible verse and prayer. They are God's Word - full of life and saturated with prayer and God's compassionate heart. They bring God's Shalom into the lives of whoever reads the daily devotions, including myself - and I am blessed, all by God's grace. So thank you so much, once again. All glory to Jesus and Him alone! Hallelujah!" -S.B. Paul, Pastor of Agape Church, India