CMMN Method and Style: A Practical Guide to Case Management Modeling for Documentation and Execution

Bruce Silver (Author)


Case management is a branch of business process management dealing with unstructured and event-driven processes. CMMN is a business-oriented diagramming language standard for creating case models, for both case logic description and execution. Following the author's popular BPMN Method and Style and DMN Method and Style, this book shows how to use CMMN to create case models in which the logic is both clear from the printed diagrams and executable on a business automation platform.

Unlike BPMN for structured processes, which adopts the familiar look of swimlane flowcharts, CMMN's diagrams are unfamiliar to most modelers. In addition, CMMN logic is declarative, each task and stage in the model independently defining its own prerequisites. Aimed at business users, the book explains how to use the diagramming notation in a range of modeling styles, including:

  • User-driven, in which what happens next is determined primarily by knowledge worker decisions
  • Event-condition-action (ECA), in which what happens next is determined primarily by business events
  • Hierarchical, in which CMMN stages are used as exclusive states of the case, with a top-level diagram describing the overall case logic and child-level diagrams describing the logic of each stage.

On top of the rules of the language defined in the specification, the author adds additional conventions called Method and Style, aimed at ensuring the case logic is clear from the printed diagrams. Many details needed to understand the logic are visible only to modelers with access to the design tool, not to stakeholders in the business who see only what is in the printed diagrams. Method and Style prescribes various additional connectors and labeling conventions that make these logic details visible to all. These conventions are formulated as "style rules" that can be validated in a CMMN tool.

The book provides detailed explanation of CMMN's declarative logic patterns, illustrated by examples from the field of Social Care. In addition, it provides an exhaustive list of CMMN Method and Style patterns together with their more familiar BPMN Method and Style equivalents.

The book is useful for modelers who need to go beyond BPMN's structured process constraints and for implementers who are interested in using this standard language in their business automation offerings.

Product Details

Cody-Cassidy Press
Publish Date
May 05, 2020
7.52 X 0.28 X 9.25 inches | 0.52 pounds

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About the Author

Bruce Silver is Principal at Bruce Silver Associates, provider of consulting and training in business decision management and business process management. Through and, he is the leading provider of BPMN and DMN training and certification worldwide, with well over 4000 students trained using the Method and Style approach. His book DMN Method and Style provides a business-oriented introduction to decision modeling with DMN. His book BPMN Method and Style, second edition with translations in German, Japanese, and Spanish, is considered the definitive standard on BPMN. He served on the BPMN 2.0 task force in OMG and currently serves on the DMN Revision Task Force. He was also a founder of the DMN TCK working group. In addition, he is founder and co-host of bpmNEXT, an annual conference showcasing the latest developments in business process and decision management technologies. Previously he was Vice President and Service Director for workflow and document management at the analyst firm BIS Strategic Decisions, now part of Forrester Research. He has Bachelor and PhD degrees in Physics from Princeton and MIT, and holds four US Patents in electronic imaging. To contact him, email [email protected]