Clover's Luck

Kallie George (Author) Alexandra Boiger (Illustrator)
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Despite her name, Clover has always felt decidedly unlucky. So when she stumbles upon a mysterious cottage in the Woods, she can hardly believe her good fortune. It's the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, and it houses creatures of all kinds. Fairy horses, unicorns, and a fiery young dragon are just the beginning!

Mr. Jams, the Agency's owner, agrees to hire her as summer helper and Clover hopes her luck has finally changed. But when she's left alone to care for the Agency, a sneaky witch comes after the magical creatures! Will Clover outsmart her in time to protect the animals?

The first installment in a new illustrated chapter book series by Kallie George, featuring enchanting illustrations by Alexandra Boiger, will charm young readers as Clover learns that courage and heart can be even more powerful than good luck.

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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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February 03, 2015
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About the Author

Kallie George is the author of the Magical Animal Adoption Agency series, as well as the Heartwood Hotel series. She works as an author and speaker in Vancouver, Canada, and she holds a master's in children's literature from the University of British Columbia. In addition to writing books for young readers, she leads workshops for aspiring writers. Alexandra Boiger grew up in Munich, Germany, where she studied graphic design, and then began a career in feature animation, allowing her to work for Warner Bros. UK and DreamWorks. After transitioning to children's books she has illustrated numerous popular titles including the first two books in The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series, Clover's Luck and The Enchanted Egg. Alexandra is also the author/illustrator of her debut, Max and Marla. She lives with her husband and daughter in California. See more of her work online at


Clover might have a lucky name, but she is sure that she's the unluckiest girl ever. Clover believes in luck, and she's tried everything to improve hers. She painted her room green (the color of clovers), she hung a horseshoe above her bed, and she carries a wishbone everywhere. Nothing works. Now her best friend, Emma, has gotten the last space at Pony Camp, and Clover will be alone all summer. When her pet canary escapes through a hole in her window, Clover chases the bird into the dark and forbidding Woods that surround the town. She doesn't catch the bird, but she sees an ad for volunteers at an animal adoption agency posted on a tree. When she finds the cottage on Dragon Tail Lane, she learns that Mr. Jams fosters magical animals. He accepts her as a volunteer but must leave on a special rescue mission almost immediately. He places Clover in charge. Can she do the job without her bad luck tripping her up-especially with a wicked witch about? George kicks off her Magical Animal Adoption Agency series with the tale of how Clover discovers her luck isn't what she thought it was. All works out appropriately conveniently for the audience, and the solidly written, gentle tale of magic and self-reliance will entertain confident new independent readers. Clover's sweet story is a good next step for lovers of the Magic Tree House. (Fantasy. 6-10) Kirkus"
Clover, despite her name, knows she's the unluckiest girl in the world. With her best friend, Emma, away at pony camp and parents who work all the time, Clover has resigned herself to spending the summer alone. When her pet canary escapes through a broken window-the third pet in a row-animal-loving Clover chases the bird into the woods, where she happens upon an ad for volunteers at an animal-adoption agency. Thinking it might be a way to care for animals without losing them, Clover answers the ad and finds herself working with Mr. Jams at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency. When Mr. Jams leaves Clover to take care of the agency, she wonders if her bad luck will bedevil her, especially with a devious witch lurking around. The first novel in George's new series is a charming story, delicately written, with a winning heroine. Clover's first adventure with the magical animals at the agency comes to a conclusion that will satisfy young readers. Magan Szwarek Booklist Online"
The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series gets off to a promising start, introducing a girl named Clover whose self-professed bad luck shows signs of improving when she snags a volunteer gig with an agency devoted to finding good homes for cursed toads, miniature fairy horses, and other outside-the-norm creatures. After a witch sneaks into the agency and cuts off a unicorn's tail, it's the beginning of a whirlwind adventure for the resourceful and determined Clover, an easy heroine to root for. George's warm storytelling and Boiger's equally inviting pencil illustrations quickly establish the story's enchanting and sometimes dangerous setting. Readers will be envious of the world of magic that Clover becomes ensconced in and eager to read future installments. Ages 7 10. PW"
This first volume in The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series offers a clever plot, blending magical creatures and community service in a way that has real world applications for young readers. When Clover's pet bird escapes through a hole in the window and flies off into the mysterious Woods, she ventures out to find her bird. She stumbles upon the Magical Animal Adoption Agency which works to find homes for abandoned and mistreated magical creatures. Mr. Jams, director of the MAAA, tells Clover that finding the right match for the pets can be tricky and potential owners must be carefully screened. Clover's work ethic and good sense make her an outstanding volunteer; she shows true empathy for the creatures when a pesky witch attempts to use their magical properties for personal gain. Boiger's grayscale drawings bring Clover's adventure to life and offer a nice balance of text and illustration. Clover is a winning hero worth following. Diane S. Hance, NBCT Librarian, Grisham Middle School, Austin, Texas Recommended Library Media Connection"