Bound by Blood

Laura Daleo (Author)

Product Details

Story Bound Publishing, LLC
Publish Date
March 17, 2017
6.0 X 0.45 X 9.0 inches | 0.64 pounds

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Bound by Blood: Immortal Kiss is a romantic paranormal fantasy novel written by Laura Daleo. Beth has been waiting for him to come back to her for five long years now. Amon was her mysterious companion made of mist as she was growing up, and when she discovered her bedroom filled with rose petals, she realized that she had come to love him. Philippe had taken advantage of her, however, and she had married him, believing he was indeed her Amon, a vampire god. When she became aware of Philippe's duplicity, her long vigil for her true companion began. Hathor, another vampire god, had wanted Amon for herself, and Isis and Osiris had conspired with her to cast the spell which took him away. The sadness of each of the five anniversaries of that day was a visceral thing that only the solace of wine could ease, at least temporarily. Her friend, Ptah, decided that Beth needed a party to cheer her up, a fancy dress party filled with kings and queens wearing masks. Beth wasn't all that sure about the idea, but allowed his enthusiasm to sway her. Then, it happened at that gala evening; the stranger who greeted her as she sheltered herself underneath a staircase was Amon. He had returned.

Laura Daleo's romantic paranormal fantasy, Bound by Blood: Immortal Kiss, continues the saga of Beth and her immortal companion, Amon, whose return means so many things to her. Philippe, her husband these five years, is asserting the primacy of their marriage, and Beth must reconcile her mixed feelings about him with her desire to be with Amon. There's also the matter of apprehending Hathor, Isis and Osiris and bringing them to justice. Bound by Blood is a marvelous tale with a plot that deftly blends fantasy, adventure and action. Beth is a strong, competent character who is so well-suited to be a companion to her vampire god lover. And while there's any number of vampire romance novels out there, this paranormal fantasy stands out as unique, noteworthy and a cut above the rest. Daleo's writing is smooth and fluid, and her story is most enjoyable. Bound by Blood: Immortal Kiss is highly recommended.--Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Beth's life had never been easy, but when she found her one true love she thought things would finally be right, until she discovered that Philippe was not the one she thought he was, and Amon could truly be hers. But before she can find happiness, the one she truly loves is ripped from her yet again, only to return many years later with a strong desire to right all the wrongs of the past. But will Amon and the other members of The Ten be able to fight with three of their own? Will they be able to track them down and will they also be able to fight against the hunters who have sought to kill them all? In Bound by Blood: Immortal Kiss by Laura Daleo, there is no easy answer to anything, but especially about the future for Beth.

This book was interesting and the characters really draw you in. Beth seems what you would expect in a young woman torn between the two men she loves most, and for each of them the torture she experiences is even worse. It seems like you're really there in the middle of their conflict and that you're experiencing all of the action and romance that takes place for each of the other characters, with Jaffa and the rest of The Ten, and even characters like Danny and Hypatia, who each need something from them, though they may not know what at the time. Bound by Blood by Laura Daleo is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone.--Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite