Big Wonderful Thing: A History of Texas


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University of Texas Press
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6.3 X 9.3 X 2.8 inches | 3.75 pounds

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About the Author

Stephen HarriganAustin, TexasHarrigan has devoted much of his life to exploring and explaining Texas, ever since his family crossed the Red River from Oklahoma in 1953. He is the author of numerous works of nonfiction and fiction, including the critically acclaimed novels A Friend of Mr. Lincoln, Remember Ben Clayton, and the New York Times best seller The Gates of the Alamo. He is a longtime writer for Texas Monthly and an award-winning screenwriter who has written many movies for television.


"Harrigan, surveying thousands of years of history that lead to the banh mi restaurants of Houston and the juke joints of Austin, remembering the forgotten as well as the famous, delivers an exhilarating blend of the base and the ignoble, a very human story indeed. [Big Wonderful Thing is] as good a state history as has ever been written and a must-read for Texas aficionados."--Kirkus, Starred Review
"Harrigan describes post-Columbian Texas in novelistic style in this eloquent homage to the Lone Star state...History lovers will enjoy this packed, fascinating account of a singular state."-- (08/07/2019)
"Harrigan uses his stupendous storytelling skills to great effect [in Big Wonderful Thing]. He covers the state's major historical events from inventive angles, introduces newly discovered archaeological and archival research, and excels at puffing up many of Texas's larger-than-life personalities."--Foreword Reviews, Starred Review
"Harrigan, essentially, is to Texas literature what Willie Nelson is to Texas music...Texas is an incredibly fascinating state--and Harrigan, who recognizes that the state's diversity is what makes it great, truly does it justice. Endlessly readable and written with great care, Big Wonderful Thing is just that."-- (09/30/2019)
"The great strength of Harrigan's work is that he tells the stories of all the types of people who have lived in Texas, from its earliest days into modern times, with a sense that all of their lives mattered in fashioning the state's identity."--New York Review of Books (10/03/2019)
"The shelf that holds your Texana--T.R. Fehrenbach's 'Lone Star, ' James Michener's fictionalized 'Texas'--may need to be reinforced. Harrigan...has a contender to sit beside those worthy tomes...Harrigan's Lone Star tales are embodied by people great and unknown, many of whom would not have registered in what he calls the 'revised standard version of Texas history.'"-- (09/05/2019)
"Because it is so well told and because it embraces so much of the state's charms and contradictions, Big Wonderful Thing is likely to define popular Texas history for the general reader for at least a generation to come."--austin360 (09/27/2019)
"Harrigan is at his best when he concentrates on the state's abundance of big personalities, offering up a gallery of Texas scoundrels, psychopaths, and incompetents...[Harrigan] brings an appealing humility to the impossible task of cramming a raucous, vicious, glorious state into one big, wonderful book."-- (09/30/2019)
"A big wonderful book...[Big Wonderful Thing] is fun to read. Harrigan knows how to tell a story that keeps the reader looking forward to the next one."-- (09/26/2019)
"Big Wonderful Thing...takes readers around the vast landscape [of Texas] to see everything from the first native tribes and colonists to artists and politicians. Harrigan's book connects the people and places who've made Texas what it was and is."-- (10/01/2019)
"Harrigan's gift for storytelling makes this monumental work a pleasure to read. Throughout this extremely well-researched and fascinating book, Harrigan strives to dispel the myths of Texas history and remain true to its reality, creating a real page-turner for aficionados of Texas history and novices alike."-- (10/01/2019)
"[Harrigan] has now given us a--no other word for it--Texas-sized book about the place he's called home for decades. Lavishly illustrated, fully annotated, brimming with sass, intelligence, trenchant analysis, literary acumen and juicy details, it is a page-turner that can be read straight through or at random. It is big. It is popular history at its best."-- (10/25/2019)
"[Big Wonderful Thing] provides an excellent perspective on [Texas's] rich history with a wider, more diverse lens...Harrigan brings his exceptional talents for storytelling and reporting to this volume that promises to educate--and entertain--many about the complexitites of this rich and storied state."--Texas Highways (10/25/2019)
"The sheer number of individual Texans, here, is as incredible as the Texas landscape...Along with the usual suspects of Texas lore, Big Wonderful Thing throws light on many overlooked figures...Harrigan serves as a masterful guide on this journey, navigating Big Wonderful Thing safely between the abyss of historical revisionism and the fairyland of hagiography. Harrigan's Texas is mythically large and as majestically unusual as the longhorn that Texans love so much, but Big Wonderful Thing keeps its feet firmly planted on the ground."-- (11/01/2019)
"Harrigan is a master storyteller and weaves a highly enjoyable tale of Texas that is sometimes tall but always big. A must-read for all Texans and those who are curious about more than the legend of the state."-- (10/01/2019)
"[An] epic new history of Texas...The book is nosed out in sheer heft only by Texas itself, it seems. But it doesn't read that way. Harrigan...outlines Texas' particulars from prehistory to just after 9/11 in granular detail, with an intimate, conversational style."-- (11/10/2019)
"A comprehensive look at the history of our state...Harrigan doesn't burnish the heights or ignore the depths of Texas history; his book reflects both the bright and the dark, like a piece of photographic film, recording light and shadow as it makes an image."-- (12/05/2019)
"Before embarking on Stephen Harrigan's Big Wonderful Thing I kept asking myself, do I really need to read a 900-page history of Texas? Well, I suppose I didn't need to but within 20 pages I wanted to, every spare moment I got."--Geoff Dyer, Literary Hub (12/20/2019)
"What really sets Big Wonderful Thing apart is that it reads more like Lonesome Dove than it does something you might have been assigned in your seventh grade Texas history class. Harrigan is a master of identifying anecdotes that have been tucked away in forgotten corners, dusting them off, and spinning them into great yarns...Though the book leads the reader on a singular, epic trip through the state's past, each chapter also manages to feel self-contained, like a magazine feature."-- (12/30/2019)
"At once objective and intensely personal, this expansive history exposes the reality beneath the myth of Texas exceptionalism and, in the process, gives overdue credit to people who fought in the shadows to forge a multi-cultural society where, today, Vietnamese refugees stand arm in arm with Alamo descendants. Harrigan has done a remarkable thing: in 900-plus pages, he vividly reimagines the endlessly fascinating saga of a state and its citizens."-- (01/03/2020)
"The long-awaited history of Texas by a master storyteller is here. We haven't had such a definitive history in years. For all readers, what Harrigan does so well is bring these stories to life -- no dry tome here."-- (12/20/2019)
"Harrigan takes the yellowed vanish off in his magnificent new history of Texas...[Big Wonderful Thing is] a great corrective for those of us who grew up hearing mostly about the evils of carpet baggers and scalawags."--Rivard Report (01/21/2020)