Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For Children and Adults)



Wouldn't it be great if there were a Bible written for both children and adults alike: Like one the whole family could enjoy?: One written in a fun, clean, lucid, and easy to understand language, without all of the graphic details that are unsuitable for the ears of children, but still captivating and awesome enough to capture the full attention of adults? Well no need to wait any further. Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For children and adults) is here! Books like Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For children and adults) are extremely rare. It is not often that you'll find an adult, as well as children's book, that paraphrases the Bible using rhythm and rhyme. Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (For children and adults), however, may appeal to all ages, and in this enchanting book, Samara A. Doumnande retells the stories of Creation all the way through the Death Of Moses: And she does it all and entirely through the use of pure, rhythmic rhyme and poetry! Enclosed within the pages of this book are poems which will bless you, nourish you, and will also aid in the teaching of your soul about the word of God. Yes, these are poems that will not only bless your soul, but will nourish it as well!

Product Details

Samara Doumnande
Publish Date
July 19, 2013
6.0 X 0.36 X 9.0 inches | 0.51 pounds

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About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Samara A. Doumnande is not only the author of "Bible Tales", but she is also the author the play, "A Tale of Antinara," which is soon to be released in the upcoming years. Samara Doumnande is an outspoken paranoid schizophrenic who advocates for the rights of the mentally ill through several book projects, including, "If We Could Tape Record Our Thoughts," and the play, "A Tale of Antinara," both soon to be released. Samara has recently put out a spoken word Album for Bible Tales which can be found on, CD Baby, and iTunes (just search the key words "Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme" in the iTunes Store, CD Baby Store, or in the Store.) SamDoum (Samara's nickname) is also a talented visual artist and her online fine art gallery and store can be found over at, which features portraits of the African American family and the daily life of women and children. The subject matters for the portraits featured on are inspired by the late artists Mary Cassatt and Henry Ossawa Tanner. SamDoum is also the author of a blog by the name of "The Blog of SamDoum Art by SamDoum." She is also the author of the site Samara Doumnande lives in Rochester, New York with her husband and three children.