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Masonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, illustrated by signs and symbols, and embodying ideals that transcend most human barriers. The work of masonry is based upon and filled with scripture, with beauty, and with God's love, irrespective of any one individual's relationship with God. The one requirement of a man who would like to join masonry is that he believes in God. As an evangelist, I want to hear the blessed name of Jesus on people's lips, but as a Mason, my duty is to help men make those decisions for themselves. This volume is designed to help masons and their families to seek light from scripture, whether they have a church or not, whether they are Christian or not. If I have written these scripture studies well, the readers should walk away from this book being better informed and challenged to read more and more scripture, seeking more about God within their traditions, and be more confident believers. People who are more confident in what they believe can have discussions that do not turn to bad arguments, and are not easily offended. Those who can discuss any topic can best work together and best agree. In most instances of this book, I have used the lines from ritual in full context, as too often Masons do not follow through and see where lines come from. At other times, the same Chapter of scripture might contain two or three different passages that are of special import to the Craft, thus are better served integrating them. There are many times when an entire chapter is important to read in order to get one short line that is used in a lecture or prayer or degree.Since not all masonic traditions use the same scriptures, I have endeavored to select scriptures from various masonic jurisdictions around the world, both in the "Blue Lodges" of the first three degrees and those of the Appendant Bodies. I do not identify which degree or source that each scripture reading comes from, as that is for each mason to learn if they do not immediately recognize the verses. All scripture used throughout this book is from the King James Version of the Bible unless otherwise noted. There are times when other translations give a better sense of the intentions of why we use the lines in Lodges. It is highly recommended that in any serious study of the Bible, several translations are used. For those interested, there are several websites of note, including and I often used these two sites to assist in my studies during the construction of this book. If you are interested in Biblical languages, I recommend using the resources, clicking on Hebrew or Greek to take you to the original languages and helping you see where else each particular word is used as per Englishman's Concordance, Strong's, and several other major reference works. Where I have translated from Hebrew or Greek, it should be stated that the translations are mine, and any errors made are mine and not those of any source from which I sought assistance. I have tried to be faithful to scripture and modern English (American) language. While I had several brilliant Hebrew professors in both Seminaries I graduated from, my abilities do not show their great skill teaching, only my poor abilities learning. Several other works informed the discussions here, including The Anchor Bible Series of Commentaries, the Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament, the Story of God Bible Commentary, and many others. I have attempted to bring the benefit of scholarship without the burdens thereof so that this book might be easier to read and use.

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February 19, 2019
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