Bedside Manners: The Breakup Doctor series #2

Phoebe Fox (Author)


Brook Ogden has never encountered a broken heart she couldn't patch together. Her counseling practice as the Breakup Doctor--on call to help you shape up after a breakup--is so busy she's expanded to offer group sessions. (Turns out there are far more than fifty ways to leave your lover.) Her radio show and advice column have made her a local celebrity, and even her personal life, after some gruesome breakups of her own, is in recovery: Ben Garrett started out as a revenge date against an ex, but has turned into so much more.

But when Chip Santana, a former client she once shared a rather unprofessional midnight roll in the sand with, comes back into her life asking for her help, Brook can't say no. Except while she's busy stitching up his relationship troubles, Chip reveals much more than a therapeutic interest in her.

In the standoff between her heart and her hormones, Brook's cool, collected Wise Therapist persona begins to crack like thrown wedding china. She's yelling at recalcitrant cheating husbands. Offering crazy advice to radio callers. She's even hugging her clients.

When the situation goes critical, Brook's forced into a decision she isn't ready to make--and the Breakup Doctor has to decide what kind of casualties she's willing to accept.

Product Details

Price: $12.99  $11.95
Publisher: E3 Press
Published Date: March 25, 2020
Pages: 282
Dimensions: 5.98 X 0.64 X 9.02 inches | 0.92 pounds
Language: English
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781950830046
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About the Author

Author Phoebe Fox has been a contributor and regular columnist for a number of national, regional, and local publications, including the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and She Knows. A former actor on stage and screen, Phoebe has been suspended from wires as a mall fairy; was accidentally concussed by a blank gun; and hosted a short-lived game show. She has been a relationship columnist; a movie, theater, and book reviewer; and a radio personality, and is a close observer of relationships in the wild. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two excellent dogs.


"BEDSIDE MANNERS is extremely hard to put down....Phoebe Fox creates such a heartwarming cast of characters that you can't help but fall in love with them. Please, please, please Ms. Fox, keep on writing this series."--Fresh Fiction

"A sequel that's even better than the first. Phoebe Fox takes the time to understand the human heart and mind."--Dr. Duana Welch, author of Love, Factually

"A wonderful sequel to The Breakup Doctor... some very fine reading"--A Simple Taste for Reading

"Amazing, belly laughing, full of honesty heart and truth... This series is not to be missed! 5 stars."--Mrs. Mommy Booknerd

"There are very few times I have been able to say this, but I loved the second book MORE than the first. Great book - one of my favorites of the year!"--Chick Lit Plus

"To me this series is perfect, I want to read more of Brook and her friends and I added it to my top 10 reads of the year. I'll be reading anything and everything Phoebe Fox writes with excitement!"--Hello Chick Lit

Praise for the Breakup Doctor series:

"Phoebe Fox's books are like a box of fine chocolates. Not to be eaten quickly but to be savored and enjoyed."--Fresh Fiction

"Fun and will love this series! [Phoebe Fox is] right up with the great chick lit writers of all time."--Hello, Chick Lit

"A book series you don't want to miss...not your typical chick lit...will make you laugh out loud... Fox's books are charming and funny, but they still manage to give us dating advice we can actually use."

"On the whole, the series is funny, poignant, witty, smart, and memorable. Certainly an outstanding set of books to have and keep on your home library shelves."--Girl with Book Lungs

"The Breakup Doctor series is getting better and better [with] each book..."--Ai Love Books

"Phoebe Fox has given us characters that are lovably fallible, funny, and frazzled."--Elisa Lorello, bestselling author of Faking It and Why I Love Singlehood

"Multidimensional and full of life...a great series, and hard to put down."--Comfy Reading

"One of the great things about this series is the growth and change we see in each of the characters. The books are not just the same old, same old where the characters aren't learning from their mistakes. They actually move forward with their lives and relationships change."--Susan the Book Bag