Animal Tracks: A Folding Pocket Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Familiar North American Species

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Waterford Press
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About the Author

Zoologist Jim Kavanagh has made a career out of introducing novices to plants, animals, the sciences and world cultures. In addition to creating over 500 simplified nature guides, he has also authored guides to languages, cities and outdoor skills. An avid traveler and backpacker, Kavanagh's path has taken him around the world to many remote destinations including the upper Amazon, Africa, Australia, and the Arctic Circle (and this is just the As). He is also the author of a series of state-specific guides to common species and natural attractions and a children's book on evolution.


Waterford Press produces hundreds of cool and functional pocket guides focusing on nature, the sciences, world cultures, and outdoor recreation and skills. Consider giving guides like Basic Navigation for Search and Rescue and Survival, Wilderness Survival, Essential Knots, and Animal Tracks to hunters.--Delaware Online, December 2017
"The Pocket Naturalist Guides have been around for quite a while. They are printed on card stock and laminated for durability. I have been using the same set of guides for more than 3 years in my hiking bag and they show very little wear. The lamination lets them shrug off most dirt and even light rain." "I don't hit the trail without them."--Matt, Blog "Jerking the Trigger "
"I purchased an Animal Tracks Pocket Naturalist while on vacation in South Dakota, and found your website, and absolutely love it."--N.M. Berne
What are they? Waterford Press produces simplified reference guides that introduce novices to nature, science, travel and languages. The lightweight (less than an ounce) guides have up to 150 vivid illustrations or photographs of common plants and animals or other subjects -- like travel destinations. The Night Sky pocket guide features glow-in-thedark maps of the major stars in summer and winter skies above North America. They are made from a single sheet of sturdy heavy-duty paper folded into a guidebook format. What else? Waterford prints guides for all 50 states and several eco-tourism destinations. There are Arkansas-specific guides for birds, trees, wildflowers and wildlife. Where to shop? They sell for $5.95 at retailers including Hastings statewide, Gander Mountain in North Little Rock, Barnes & Noble Booksellers statewide, Gazebo Books in Eureka Springs, That Bookstore in Blytheville, Bookstore at Mountebanq Place in Conway, Browsing Post in Heber Springs, and River Market Books and WordsWorth Books in Little Rock. What else? They will easily slip into a Christmas stocking.--Kim Christ "Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "
"... I am a Brownie girl scout leader. We just came back from camp where I saw a brochure of yours in animal tracks. Where can I get some of them for my girls? I love your web site ..."--B.S. Fremont
"I purchased California Birds and Animal Tracks in your Pocket Naturalist series at the Carson Pass Visitor Center recently. I've found them very handy in the field because they give a lot of information for their size."--M.F. Sacramento
"...these basic guides from Waterford Press are easy, convenient, brochures perfect for beginning or casual birders, and can also be valuable supplements for birders in new locations or who find themselves missing their larger field guides."--Melissa Mayntz "About.Com "
"the lightweight and waterproff guides can easily be carried in a daypack or pocket on treks or hunting trips."--Idaho Statesman
"Want a handy, compact guide to your next travel destination? Waterford Press Pocket Guides give readers a special opportunity to interact, enjoy and learn about our world. They specialize in providing readers with simplified informational materials related to travel, culture and natural history."--West Coast Woman
"... this laminated field guide is lightweight in size, but not information."--AAA New Mexico Journey Magazine
"Pocket Naturalist guides are to nature-loving backpackers what Cliff Notes are to teens trying to navigate Shakespeare: essential."--Backpacker Magazine
Waterford Press offers laminated folding cards in many different titles such as Backyard Birds and Birds of Prey as well as local guides to other creatures and plants such as Animal Tracks, Pond Life, and Roadside Flowers. Although these contain only simple listings of the most common types in your area, its amazing how many species they pack into these inexpensive heavy duty cards. An added benefit is that they can be folded to create a book-like spine for easy display.--Birding Business Magazine
The Pocket Naturalist series of Waterford Press Pocket Guides quickly and easily introduces novice outdoorsmen to the wonders of animal and plant life, as well as other aspects of the wilderness. These books can also act as handy pocket references for the more experienced outdoor lovers. The Pocket Guides measure 3 1/2 X 8 1/4 inches folded and open to 22 1/4 and 8 1/4 inches. Subject matter ranges from weather to wildlife, including regional and state guides to wildflowers, birds and trees.--Camping Life Magazine
"Has this ever happened to you? Your out in a field or in the forest or on a stream and a bird flashes by. You get a good look at it, note its most prominent features, but you're not sure what it is. You could look it up in a bird book, but who carries a bird book a field when the whole idea is to travel as light as possible? Now Waterford Press has come up with something that solves the problem: a pocket sized bird guide that is four inches wide, 8 1/4" inches long and flat as yesterdays beer."--Chicago Press & Sun-Bulletin
"The Pocket Naturalist series has something for everyone's backyard."--Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living
"Waterford's Pocket Guides transform a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods into a rich opportunity."--Homemakers Magazine
"The "Pocket Naturalist Guides" are colorful, pocket-sized, laminated, folded guides (31/2" x 81/4" folded, open to 22" x 81/4"), designed to be taken into the wilderness. They cover most states and wilderness regions, some featuring all wildlife and some much more focused (e.g., butterflies, ducks). Yes, they'll require creative shelving (we put ours in an old map box next to the other field guides), and their life span may be shorter than your average field guide, but their quality, low price, and variety are worth the inconvenience."--Library Journal
"In the simplified Pocket Naturalist can not only see the birds of Tennessee, but also get the 25 hottest places to watch them."--Nashville Tennessean
"New Mexico Birds can tell you if you've spotted a belted kingfisher or a ruby-crowned kinglet. Part of the Pocket Naturalist series from Waterford Press, this laminated field guide is light-weight in size, but not in information. Full color illustrations provide quick reference and identification tips. Pocket Naturalist guides retail for $5.95 and are available in most major bookstores;"--New Mexico Journal
"Waterford Press takes the simple approach to learning with its Pocket Naturalist series, which features more than 100 titles. Ideal for novices and veterans alike, these lightweight water-resistant references are laminated and fold down to pocket size."--Phoenix Home and Garden
"Here's a handy way to impress your friends and identify trees and flowers in the park or your own back yard."--The Cincinnati Enquirer
"I've found the Pocket Naturalist series of folding, plastic-coated identification charts excellent while out in the field on day trips. Not only do they fold easily and hardly take any space in a pocket or backpack, but they're also accurate and a great aid."--The O.W.L. - Newsletter of the New Jersey Outdoor Women's League, Inc.
"If you're planning a business trip and don't have room to pack bulky field guides, consider ordering a couple to tuck into a pocket of your carry-on bag or briefcase.... They're great visual aids for family vacation or nature hikes with your youngsters."--Wisconsin Natural Resources
"Waterford Press has a tagline that says, "Putting the World in Your Pocket." With Waterford Press it is amazing just how much of the world you can fit into your pocket" "These naturalist pocket guides are durable, easy to read, colorful, and fun for children or anyone who appreciates nature."--Homeschool Blog/
Our favorites are three of the Pocket Naturalist series: Wilderness Survival, Animal Tracks and The Night Sky. The Wilderness Survival Pocket guide includes tips on how to stay alive during an emergency in the wilderness and has illustrations of basic techniques. Animal Tracks is an introduction to the tracks and signs of familiar North America species. And The Night Sky introduces readers to prominent stars and constellations and includes a glow-in-the-dark star chart for easy night viewing.--Camping Life Magazine
This pocket naturalist guide provides a primer to tracks and additional signs that can be used for identification of common North American animals. A convenient source of information, the folded guide can be tucked into pockets, camera cases and backpacks. It features over 50 species, categorized by number of toes each has. For example, the lynx is listed under 4-toed animals. Each animals listing includes their maximum height, genus and species classification, and distinctive body and tracks descriptions. A color photo of the animal along with an example of its front and back print provides a well-rounded citation. Additionally, descriptions and illustrations of animal scat are included, as well as those for other signs of animal activity, such as scratch marks on trees. You'll even find print examples of familiar birds in this handy guide, and an 8-inch ruler for measuring the prints you find.--Cabin Living
"While you won't want to discard your bulky bird, flower, tree etc. books, these are ideal casual identification guides. In addition to the illustrations, there is enough descriptive material on each species to key in on and follow up when it is convenient to scour the books for greater detail and confirmation."--The North Woods Call
"Do you have a nature lover in your family? I have found a great natualist field guids for bothe kids and adults. Waterford Press offers simple to use and understand reference guides to introduce your family to nature, science, travel and languages." ..."With the animal tracks guide my kids are spotting many more tracks and finding other signs of life, like stripped cones that a squirrel or chimpmunk may have been eating...." ..." Its been a total learning experience"--Adron Ohio Moms