An Indomitable Beast: The Remarkable Journey of the Jaguar


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Island Press
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6.28 X 0.94 X 9.4 inches | 1.18 pounds

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About the Author

Alan Rabinowitz, one of the world's leading experts on big cats, is CEO of Panthera, a nonprofit organization devoted to saving wild cat species. For almost thirty years Rabinowitz was based at the Wildlife Conservation Society serving in the last few years as executive director of the Science and Exploration Division and Big Cat Programs. The author of six previous books, Rabinowitz has been profiled in numerous publications and featured in television specials and movies.


"This book does so many things well. It is full of adventure and cool biology and human history, but it also succeeds as a scientific memoir and journey of intellectual growth...I read everything Rabinowitz writes--he is a gifted storyteller and accomplished researcher. I recommend all his books. This is his best. It's hard to read this book and not reach the conclusion that the jaguar is flat-out one of the coolest animals to walk this planet. And there's no one better to tell its story than Alan Rabinowitz."--The Nature Conservancy's Cool Green Science blog
"Rabinowitz displays an impressive dedication to and love for this animal, which he demonstrates through scientific research, action, and advocacy."--Ecolit Books
"In An Indomitable Beast, Mr. Rabinowitz, the author of several books on his conservation work and travels, revisits the first big cats of his career. Questions of "jaguarness"--how jaguars think and the unique anatomical and behavioral features that affect their prospects for long-term survival--still intrigue him after three decades, and this book is a welcome retrospective of what he and others have learned about jaguars so far, and what's being done for them now."--Wall Street Journal
"Combines his account of field research on jaguars in the wilds of Belize and Brazil and advocacy for conservation strategies with anthropology, zoology, and paleontology to tell the tale of an endangered species that has persisted despite very long odds."--Publishers Weekly
"Rabinowitz is the world's leading authority on the jaguar... He now presents a fascinating book that explores the human-jaguar link...The modern-day interaction of these two corridors will absorb all lovers of the wild."--Booklist
"A riveting tale of environmental success...An Indomitable Beast begins with an exhaustively researched natural history of the jaguar from palaeo to present. And in telling the cat's story, Rabinowitz takes the reader on a personal quest, from ancient Mayan ruins to London Zoo, as he seeks to uncover the unique 'jaguarness' of the animal he seeks to protect."--New Scientist
"The book stands at the intersection between biology, ecology, politics, social science, and economics. Its author has been one of a small group of people who have fought tirelessly for jaguars and other big cats. Naturalists, aspiring conservationists, students, seasoned scientists and conservation professionals should read this book, along with anyone who cares about wildlife in general and jaguars in particular."--Wildlife Activist
"For decades, Alan Rabinowitz has been a passionate voice for jaguars. His studies have illuminated the mysterious existence of the reclusive and magnificent cat, and his efforts to save its forests in one grand sweep from Mexico to Argentina have changed concepts in conservation. This book is not only a profound testament to the life of 'an indomitable beast, ' but also a superb contribution to the literature on a species."--George B. Schaller, Panthera and Wildlife Conservation Society
"I have a deep respect for Alan . . . and all the brilliant scientist-advocates of Panthera. We had nothing to do with the miracle of the jaguar's creation, but have everything to do with its survival. The world needs the jaguar's majesty and mystery. We are better because the jaguar exists."--Glenn Close, actress, Panthera Conservation Council Member
"Alan Rabinowitz has been a leader in the effort to conserve jaguars for decades, and his work has inspired my own and that of many other colleagues. This book, drawing on a wide array of technical sources along with personal reflections, should be of broad interest to scientists and conservationists, as well as to the general public."--Eduardo Eizirik, Professor of Genetics, PUCRS and Pro-Carnรญvoros Institute, Brazil
"The jaguar has been on Earth for millions of years, but how it will survive human domination of our planet is the subject of this remarkable book. Alan Rabinowitz elevates current thinking on conservation with his clear solutions for protection of this indomitable cat along the corridors they roam in Central and South America. In a time of change and even despair, this beautifully written book offers hope."--Jane Alexander, actress, author, and conservationist
"A powerful blend of science and personal disclosure, An Indomitable Beast is an excellent introduction to this species...This is a must read for anyone even the slightest bit interested in big cats."--Jaguar and Its Allies
"The jaguar could have no better spokesperson than Rabinowtiz, who clearly not only understands his subject scientifically, historically, and emotionally, but who also can make the plea passionately for the survival of this endangered species."--The Explorer's Journal
"...An Indomitable Beast is an extraordinary examination of these dangerous yet magnificent creatures. A bibliography, an index, and a handful of color plates enhance this absolute "must-read" for fans of big cats in general, and jaguars in particular. Highly recommended!"--Midwest Book Review