Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes

Stanley I Kutler (Author)


PRESIDENT NIXON: Here we go. What in the name of God are we doing on this one? What are we doing about the financial contributors? Now, those lists there, are we looking over McGovern's financial contributors? Are we looking over the financial contributors to the Democratic National Committee? Are we running their income tax returns? Is the Justice Department checking to see whether or not there is any antitrust suits? Do we have anything going on any of these things?HALDEMAN: Not as far as I know.PRESIDENT NIXON: We better forget the Goddamn campaign right this minute, not tomorrow, no. That's what concerns me. We have all this power and we aren't using it.

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Price: $41.95
Publisher: Touchstone Books
Published Date: September 22, 1998
Pages: 704
Dimensions: 5.96 X 1.71 X 9.12 inches | 2.25 pounds
ISBN: 9780684851877
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About the Author

Stanley I. Kutler is the E. Gordon Fox Professor of American Institutions at the University of Wisconsin. He is the author of The Wars of Watergate: The Last Crisis of Richard Nixon, the editor of The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century American History, the historical advisor for the Emmy-winning television documentary Watergate, and the founding editor of Reviews in American History.


Joseph Finder The New York Times Book Review It's oddly refreshing to get the undiluted, unmediated sense of hugger-mugger....It makes for spellbinding reading, and plunges us back into that sordid, astonishing world like nothing else.
Daniel Casse The Wall Street Journal Just when you thought we didn't have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore...these new tapes show a president deeply immersed in the mechanics of a cover-up, giving full voice to the earthy language that, twenty-five years ago, made "expletive deleted" a household phrase.
Robert Scheer Los Angeles Times Book Review Richard Nixon has been the subject of countless portraits, but none is more compelling than the one that emerges from these grotesque and riveting pages: Nixon raw, in his own words, a president unmasked.