Absolutely Everything!: A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention

Christopher Lloyd (Author) Andy Forshaw (Illustrator)

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$21.99  $20.23
What on Earth Books
Publish Date
October 04, 2018
7.3 X 9.9 X 1.3 inches | 2.7 pounds

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About the Author

Christopher Lloyd graduated with a double-first class degree in history from Cambridge University. Christopher became Science Correspondent with The Sunday Times newspaper in London and is now a best-selling author of more than 15 books on world history including What on Earth Happened? The Complete Story of the Planet, Life and People from the Big Bang to the Present Day (Bloomsbury) and the series of What on Earth? Timelines. He is in great demand as a lecturer and public speaker throughout the world at conferences, educational seminars, museums, festivals and schools.
Andy Forshaw graduated with a BA in graphic design and illustration from London's Central St. Martins College. In 2010, Andy and Christopher teamed up to found What on Earth Publishing with a view to establishing new ways of making big history accessible to all ages. Andy has since individually created more than 5,000 illustrations that are featured in the range 
of What on Earth? timelines. When not illustrating, Andy can be found exploring the countryside on his bike.


"Condensing the history of the world into one book is a daunting task, but Lloyd tackles the challenge with finesse. In addition to bountiful photographs and illustrations, Lloyd's recognition of patterns throughout history and direct questions to readers make this book absolutely enjoyable." - Booklist Starred Review

"Starting with the Big Bang, concluding with space exploration, and neatly delineating the history of the earth on an imagined 24-hour clock, Lloyd takes readers on a journey from prehistory to the modern era that captivates, engages, entertains, and respects the intellect and enthusiasm of young readers. . . . Lloyd's ability to balance breadth and depth of subject matter equals his skill at revealing the interconnectedness of historical events through the use of clever transitions, parallel narratives, and the support of illustrative and supplemental materials like timelines and illustrations."- Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) Nonfiction Honor List 2019

"This ambitious volume chronicles life on Earth as we know it, beginning with the big bang...Readers will garner a basic understanding of the scope of geological time, the progression of human civilization, and...defining historical moments, while the brief presentation is just enough to spark readers' interest in learning more." - Publishers Weekly

"The history of Earth, from the big bang to the Black Lives Matter movement, in a little over 300 pages....The writing is engaging and thoughtful, providing plenty of information, humor, and opportunity for deeper thinking as Lloyd makes connections to things happening across the globe. He takes a surprisingly deep dive into the various prehistorical eras. Human conflicts throughout history share equal time with important inventions and the arts. An extensive glossary, a list of further reading, and quote sources are appended, along with a note from the author about his research process." - School Library Journal

"A view of human history from the Big Bang to experimental lab-grown meat." - Kirkus Reviews

Allows young readers to embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents and is a very highly and unreservedly recommended addition to family, school, and community library collections." - Midwest Book Review

"From the Big Bang to computer technology, it tells, in simple, chatty sentences, a story that tries to account for as much as possible about our world." - Sunday Times (London) Children's Books of the Year

"A wonderful gift for the curious and the families who love them. Not to be missed." - Parents' Choice

"This chronologically organized reference-but-meant-be-read-for-fun book...is beautiful with lots of colorful finding aids, primary source images, snappy writing and engrossing topics (human evolution, inventions in the Muslim world, dinosaurs, etc.) Although it has an index, it's clearly meant to be pored over by the obsessive gatherer of facts who just can't get enough Genghis Kahn or Megacerops. It's the kid version of Schott's Original Miscellany or the Atlas Obscura." - Youth Services Book Review

"Absolutely Amazing... Children will love it - and adults too!" - Jacqueline Wilson, author of Tracey Beaker

"From the Big Bang to yesterday's breakfast, this book of fun and discovery makes sense of it ALL." - Martin Brown, Horrible Histories

"Absolutely Wonderful! I wish they'd had books like this when I was young..." - Anthony Horowitz, author of Alex Rider

"Just gobbling up more of Absolutely Everything!. What a fabulously engaging read. Nonfiction that rolls along like an adventure novel. Love it!" - Nicola Davies, zoologist and author of King of the Sky

"A riveting mosaic of exciting true stories. . . I couldn't put it down!" - Deborah Heiligman, author of Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers

"Full of such interesting information this is a true resource that kids will actually enjoy reading...A fabulous book that should be on every tween's bookshelf!" - Outnumbered 3 to 1

"If you have a child that is struggling in finding history exciting and fun, I suggest Christopher Lloyd's new book...he takes fascinating, historical information (probably a lot of which you would never learn in history class) and he weaves it together into an amazing and unique history lesson with a very different format many readers are sure to appreciate." - Kelly's Thoughts on Things

"If you want your children to step away from their electronic world and look up real facts with their own eyes and hands, then this is the book for you!" - The Jersey Momma

"Absolutely Everything takes the best of what you remember from old textbooks and encyclopedias, puts it in a kid-friendly format, and makes it relevant again." - Savings in Seconds

"This is a must have for every child's personal library. What a mind-bending conglomeration of facts and history and tidbits of information. This book is sure to make kids fall in love with history and science, and will prompt endless discussions between parents and children about the wonders of the world in which we live. This is the perfect Christmas gift for any child (or teacher or librarian!)" - Laurisa White Reyes Blog

"The text never speaks over kids' heads or down to them; it's engaging, smart, and taps into the cool factor of nonfiction by inviting readers to join the author on a journey." - Mom Read It

"More like having a conversation than reading a book. A conversation with an enthusiastic expert...Enthralling...I would happily predict that you won't regret picking up a copy. It's a comprehensive volume of wonder." - Geekdad

"You name it, this book has it!Stuffed with information and illustrations that should keep readers entertained for many hours. Use it as supplemental reading for history, science or oceanography classes, or even as a comprehensive stand-alone curriculum for homeschooled middle- and high school grades." - Picture Book Depot

"Instead of random facts on a page, it is read like a story where kids can read a few pages and feel like they are living during that time frame and what everything means. This book is seriously awesome. . . .It is much more than just a book of facts." - Mom and More

"Even as an adult, this book feels exciting to me, and a great way to add another level to a child's learning... a great book for those interested in history. It is probably a great book for students who aren't interested in history to get them hooked...It is a great addition to any library." - Books My Kids Read

"This mix of historical imagery, comic-style stuff, and shots of actual relics combines to form a window into the past that feels fresh and is interesting to look at...I feel like I have to reiterate what a shockingly complete look at history this book is." - Brutal Gamer

"An absolute must for every middle school library. It can serve as a springboard for more learning on any topic. It might also inspire all of us to make our world an even better place in the future." - Always in the Middle

"This book is absolutely awesome...perfect for your home library or for a gift to the classroom." - Mrs Mommy Booknerd

"It is a beautifully designed book that would make a magnificent gift for young and old." - Books for Your Kids

"Not only a fun and engaging educational book for kids...it's also a great reference book." - She Scribes

"With photos, illustrations, timelines and maps in every chapter, there is no better way to understand the earth's entire history than with this captivating book.' - Jinxy Kids

"Absolutely Everything! will inspire a thirst for knowledge in even the most reluctant young historians." - Maria's Space

"Definitely lives up to its title. Illustrations, fun facts, accurate photos, maps, clearly marked chapters, and a glossary all complement engaging text that takes you from 13.8 billion years ago to the present. Recommended!. . . .A book to enjoy and keep on your reference shelf!" - DIG magazine