365 Days to Crazy Web Traffic

C. J. Oakes (Author)


Website traffic is the Holy Grail of building a website. No one wants to build a website that no one visits. And all know that once enough traffic enters a website on a consistent basis, the website can make an income for the owner, either through sales or advertising. But the keys to getting web traffic eludes many while some seem to get traffic without any difficulty. Much has been written about building websites, optimizing, and adding special features with the hopes that someone, anyone will visit your website. Some have tried to add every bell and whistle possible to their website in hopes that traffic will grow. Some have even paid outside firms with grandiose promises huge sums to get traffic which never materialized. Some have practically given up entirely. However, building a website that gets traffic, crazy amounts of traffic, is really no great mystery. In this book, author and webspert C. J. Oakes takes you on a ride through the simple, yet profound road to web traffic. In this, the first book in the series, Mr. Oakes teaches how to build a website from the ground up, adding as you go the tools which will provide traffic. He provides the keys to opening the toll gate so that traffic can flow. He takes you on a journey through the world of WordPress, the tool in which he builds all his websites, and shows you a simple method he employs to get crazy web traffic from the search engines alone. Although he uses WordPress and encourages new-comers to the web to do so as well, the principles he teaches apply to any building platform. This first book is Month One, which according to the Guarantee in the front of his book, is really all that is needed to get excellent traffic results on your website. In the following months, he will present the more advanced elements, which when put into force will result in even greater website traffic than most readers ever imagined possible. But this book is Month One, 30 Days-30 Chapters, each designed to lead you one step at a time toward Crazy Web Traffic in only 365 Days. His guarantee is simple: Do what he says and if you are not getting more traffic than you ever thought possible, he will not only refund your purchase price but also provide you with a free website analysis to help you grow. So get in, strap your safety belt, and enjoy the ride. In just 365 Days, you will find yourself in Crazy Web Traffic.

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Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date
April 07, 2014
8.5 X 0.64 X 11.0 inches | 1.56 pounds
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About the Author

C. J. Oakes lives with his wife, Arika and son, Mason in Lubbock, Texas, USA. He splits his time between writing non-fiction for his passion, his website CriminalJusticeLaw.us and the books which he has developed to help others learn the keys to gaining web traffic. Mr. Oakes is gearing up to begin writing the second Month in this series, Crazy Web Traffic via Link-Building. He believes that there is too much misinformation about link-building and too many who have begun to relegate link-building to the back shelf. To him, it only makes sense to build links, good links, because links are the connecting tissue, the nervous system if you will, for the Internet. Without links, none of it would work and the Internet as we know it would not exist. For this reason, he is going to devote the entire Month Two to the many ways to use links to not only further your cause of getting Crazy Web Traffic, but also add enormous value to the web. Besides writing for himself, Mr. Oakes works part-time as a ghost-writer, penning numerous books for others as well as creating content for entire websites. He also consults, providing guidance not only on websites, but also writing technique. In this latter endeavor, he teaches others the writing technique he developed himself, a technique touched on in this book, which never fails to get traffic. In this book, he touches on that technique, teaching you enough to grow your traffic, but a future book not in this series will expand on this technique for those who want to master getting traffic through written content alone. The rest of the time he spends playing MaJong and Solitaire with his son, who, at the age of three has already mastered these games.