Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine

Austyn Wells (Author) Matthew McKay (Foreword by)

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$16.95  $15.59
Reveal Press
Publish Date
February 02, 2019
6.0 X 8.9 X 0.8 inches | 0.75 pounds

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About the Author

Austyn Wells, GC-C, is a spiritual medium, grief counselor, and "soul gardener" who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. She combines intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony. Wells developed the Divine Spark Cards(c), which assist both developing mediums and grief counselors to inspire healing conversations with their clients; as well as the Divine Insight Cards(c), which assist anyone who wishes to listen to the wisdom of their soul. She is featured in the book Seeking Jordan by Matthew McKay, and in the Amazon book Trust Within by Molly Carroll.

Foreword writer Matthew McKay, PhD, is a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. He has authored and coauthored numerous books, including The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Self-Esteem, Thoughts and Feelings, When Anger Hurts, and ACT on Life Not on Anger. McKay received his PhD in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, and specializes in the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and depression. He lives and works in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


"Austyn Wells is both a teacher and student of life in her practice as well as this book. In order to help raise YOUR awareness, she shares her journey, abilities, and insights. Soul Conversations is a guide for living an intuitive life."
--John Edward, psychic medium--John Edward
"In a world that is drowning in information yet hungering for genuine wisdom, Austyn Wells's remarkable book Soul Conversations emerges as a guiding light from a higher perspective to show us the way back to meaning, balance, and connectedness in our lives. Having seen far beyond the scope of the human mind and explored realms that most of us cannot imagine, Austyn teaches us how to recognize and nurture our own Souls so that we can live with greater purpose, courage, and love. Through compelling stories of communication beyond the physical plane, descriptions of the energetic tools available to us, thoughtful writing exercises, and illuminating guided meditations, Soul Conversations offers a unique curriculum for spiritual evolution that is both profound and simple in its clarity. If you long to connect with a loved one who has died, to know the essence of your own True Nature, to find the purpose for your earthly existence, or to expand your consciousness, Soul Conversations can guide you on your journey and provide you with insight and inspiration. This highly recommended book should be both the first and the last text you read as you travel through this human existence."
--Karen M. Wyatt, MD, hospice physician, spiritual teacher, speaker, and author of the award-winning What Really Matters--Karen M. Wyatt, MD
"I have followed Austyn's work for years, and am delighted to see that her wisdom and insight will now reach more people by way of this beautiful book. She is a truly inspired teacher with extraordinary skills; deep, heartfelt compassion; and the highest possible integrity. The book is a must-read for anybody interested in the soul's journey."
--Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT, certified in death, dying, and bereavement; founder of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and The Afterlife Conference--Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
"Medium, mystic, healer, and shaman Austyn Wells shares her knowledge and opens her heart so you can have a conversation with your soul, and walk your own unique and powerful path with grace and ease. You will LOVE this simple and clear, yet in-depth road map to exploring your soul! You will learn something new, resonate with her stories, be pushed and gently prodded, and be inspired and touched. Soul Conversations is a must-read for anyone who wants to dance with miracles and magic, deeply contribute to this world, and know the love of their own soul."
--Linda L. Fitch, internationally recognized shaman, teacher, and coach; former CEO of the Four Winds Society and dean of its Light Body School of Energy Medicine--Linda L. Fitch
"Austyn Wells's book Soul Conversations contains well-researched historical information, dynamic use of comparative mythology, probative and revealing personal experiences, effective and simple exercises, and a complete look at all paths available--all with the cardinal merit of clarity."
--David Hinshaw, president of Life After Life Institute, and documentary filmmaker--David Hinshaw
"Austyn's book goes beyond mediumship and inspires each of us to explore the deeper calling of our soul. She serves as a sage teacher, showing us how to bring forth the wisdom that resides within our timeless selves. Austyn invites each of us to take responsibility through boldly offering our unique gifts and, in so doing, manifesting a kinder and more just world for all beings."
--William Peters, MEd, MFT, founder of Shared Crossing Project, and director of Shared Crossing Research Initiative--William Peters, MEd, MFT
"Austyn has written a wonderfully informative book that answers so many questions regarding the soul, Spirit, and life journeys. The author cogently discusses the many ways we can open our hearts and minds to connect with our own inner self. Those who have questions about death and the soul will find the answers in a way that only Austyn can explain. A must-read for anyone on a spiritual journey."
--Suzane Northrop, medium, and author of Everything Happens for a Reason--Suzane Northrop
"Soul Conversations provides a great base for spirituality that comes from the heart. The exercises are practical and are of a form that will help you access your insight--of yourself and psychic and spirit perceptions."
--Loyd Auerbach, president of Forever Family Foundation, and parapsychologist--Loyd Auerbach
"Austyn Wells has written a must-read book for anyone considering deepening their own spiritual connection. It is a great guide with soulful information taking you on a true spiritual journey. Austyn is a compassionate and honest colleague I highly recommend. Read this book--and learn from one of the best in our field."
--A.J. Barrera, psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and intuitive investigator--A.J. Barrera
"Soul Conversations will help heal your heart and inspire you to discover your true potential so you can live a soul-centered life."
--Christine Silver, affiliate leader of Healing Parents Heal, Ventura County Chapter--Christine Silver